yoga your child can also play with flowers


baby, you how so cute?what are you doing!aunt i'm waiting for my mother to practice yoga together.mother said she would marry me to him.ha, ha, ha, you are alarey.your father is waiting for you.practice.come on, come on, let's practice together.

with a yoga mat, walking in the river's lake.lie flat on the ground, then head and leg up, hands on your ankles.look straight ahead.this is an exercise in the same time, it is possible to exercise children's flexibility.

two people at the same time do a handstand, the arm is 90 degrees to support the ground.bend your legs down.the knee was pressed against the arm.hold for 3 to 5 minutes with a butt lift.children can build good bodies.

so guys are happy.mother squatted on the ground.the baby's legs stand on the legs of the mother, while the mother's hands hold the baby's can also practice this way, adding the necessary action of parent-child emotion, you treasure ma quick practice.

mother sat on the ground, legs set up.the amitabha poses and the baby rides on his mother's are happy to see your father coming.i saw the first ray of sunshine.i saw both my mother and i closed our eyes.

upside down on the ground, right leg stretched straight online.the knee joint, the lower leg parallel position straight forward.bend your left leg down to your elbow.the lower leg then comes up, and the ball is straight up.

the mother lie flat on the ground, then two legs parallel stretched straight back.use the lower half to support the baby.the baby is the same as you want to have a baby sitting on top of you?i'll get it for you.hold on.this keeps the hips strong.

sat on the ground, cock crossing.keep your fingers apart and your hands this teaching internal work?no, no, no.i'm practicing yoga with my mother!this can help mom get rid of a lot of unhappiness.what a filial child.

happiness tips

1, happiness must be happy first.the premise of getting rid of the worry is that you need to be happy in your heart, and the practice of meditation in yoga can make the thoughts of the inner world less and less.the closed mind can be absorbed in the inner world of the self.

2, a heart-shot panacea, practice in a green area.nature can give us any kind of grace, including exorcising the thoughts of the mind, and all the trouble.

:the nature of the weekend is our nine-to-five people, with a yoga mat and a natural and plants are smiling at to get rid of your worries.this is the best gift that nature has given can live up to it, and be quick with away your worries.

, all right, that's all for this part of the study.however, the presentation of the beautiful gesture of the goddess requires us to practice in the later stages.

for this eternal topic, fast and small make up.

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