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, half squat chair, minus buttock leg proud flesh dream content management system

>exhale, slowly descend to squat down, buttocks down about 45 degrees, feel like sitting in a chair.don't bend your upper body.your body and arm are on the same line.your head will naturally look up.breathe evenly and hold for 8-10 seconds.repeat 5 to 8 times.this yoga movement can extend well into your body, losing the extra proud flesh on your arms, hips and thighs.good dream, good weaving dream

new moon minus arm worship meat

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upper body standing on the ground, hands on the ear side high above the head, two palms facing each other, arms with straight fingers pointing to the ceiling.the left leg extends back, the calf is straight, the toe is supported, the right knee is bent, the lower leg is 90 degrees.keep your upper body upright, arms straight up, hold for 8-10 seconds, return to start, change legs.repeat 10 times.this can easily drop the proud flesh on your thighs, lose arms and worship meat, and also correct your spine and relieve stress.

>exhale, using the palms and soles of your feet to support the floor and lift your hips toward the ceiling, keeping your legs straight and not bending, your upper body and your arms in the same straight line, not breast.breathe naturally and hold the action for 8 seconds before returning to the starting action.repeat 8 times.this exercise can effectively reduce buttock proud flesh, make hip is tight and attractive, also can pull tight back muscle, make back line is more sexy!the contents come from dedecms

balanced style to tighten the gluteal muscle dream, good weaving dream

down on the mat, feet slightly apart, hands bent on the breast side, palms down.exhale, with the palms of your hands and your feet pushing your body up, your arms straight, your hips tightening, your body in the same straight line.hold for 8 seconds, return to the starting action, repeat 10 times.this action can help to tighten the hips.back muscles, create perfect lines throughout the body.dream content management system

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down on the mat, feet slightly apart, hands bent on the breast side, palms down.exhale, hold the palms of your hands together with your feet and hold the body up, stop for 5 seconds at a 90-degree angle.at this point, the small arm should be perpendicular to the ground, on tiptoe, head naturally raised, eyes to the ground, the whole body in the same straight line, and tighten the body, do not relax.then relax your body back to the starting position and repeat 5 times.this can burn off your arm fat, tighten your back, and make your hips more muscular.the contents are from dedecms

to create a perfect small waist content from dedecms

standing on the ground, the left foot is backward, the right foot is bent, the big leg is 90 degrees, making the lunge shape.cross your hands and hold each other's elbows.the waist is applied, the body twists to the right, the left elbow touches the outer thigh of the right leg, while the head is twisted at the same time, looking at the top right.hold the action for 8 seconds and then return to the starting action, on the left side.repeat 10 times.this action can reduce abdominal and waist proud flesh, create perfect small waist, also can treat constipation oh!

, the legs of the legs are pulled tight and the legs have a good dream, good weaving dream

standing on the ground, deep breathing, slowly bending down, so that your hands can touch the ground.place your palms on both sides of your feet to help support your body and slowly lift your left foot from the ground to the maximum level and hold for 5 seconds.while doing the action, the right leg should always be straight and not bent.go back to the starting action and change sides.repeat 5-8 times.this can pull up the thigh muscle, lose excess fat, and also tighten the back line, flat abdomen.dream is good, dream is good dream

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