a set of flowing morning yoga sequence wakes the body full of energy!

in the winter, we have a little bit of snow and snow, and the morning exercise students can get a little bit later on the practice, like around 10 a.m.

is recommended today for a set of itinerant exercises that are very suitable for the winter exercise to wake up the sleeping body.at 10 o 'clock at the weekend, in a sunny shack, and with breathing exercises, it's nice to think about it.

1.baby type, pug type variant

    <p>knees together, instep together</p><p>hands extended forward and forehead to the ground</p><p>maintain 1 minute</p><p>keep your knees on the ground and raise your hips./p><p>right hand extended, left hand extended to the right</p><p>hold for 1 minute, switch sides</p>

2.half of the four pillars supporting, locusts variant

    <p>start with the slanting plate, landing on your knees</p><p>bend your elbow, pinch your elbows and your shoulders slightly higher than your elbows</p><p>maintain 5 breaths./p><p>get down, hands behind your back</p><p>raise your legs straight</p><p>maintain 10 breaths./p>

3.the inclined plate, downward dog

    <p>return to the slant, hand aligned shoulder, foot and hip width</p><p>exhale back into the downward dog style, abdominal adduction, back extension</p><p>back and forth 10 times</p>

4.the soldiers a type, strengthening lateral extension type

before in his left foot, right leg unbend the buckle

    <p>stretch your hands up and maintain 10 breaths./p><p>hands behind your back, folding</p><p>hold 10 breaths, switch sides</p>

5.triangle twist, lunges

    <p>the legs are straight, the hips are upright, the right hand is on the outside, and the left hand is extended./p><p>maintain 10 breaths./p><p>then bend your left knee and follow up with your right foot./p><p>hold 10 breaths, switch sides</p>

6.one leg downward dog, side plate variant

    <p>from the downward dog, the left leg is straight up and straight./p><p>then come to the side plate and keep the left leg up</p><p>stretch your left hand and hold your breath for 5 breaths./p>

7.wild type

    <p>from a single leg downward dog, the left foot is down to the ground</p><p>straighten your right leg, bend your left leg, and raise your heels./p><p>leave your left hand in the direction of your head and hold your breath for five times./p><p>come to side plate, hold 5 breaths, switch sides</p>

8.four pillars support, dog

    <p>return to the four column support(exhale) and inhale into dog</p>

9.the dog type, baby type

    <p>go back to the lower dog for 5 breaths./p><p>return to the baby type for minute</p>

must be done coherently, and the effect will be better.if it isn't enough, practice 2-3 times.


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