full set of yoga half moon graphic details!reduce waist belly fat essential body type!(live-action version)

when it comes to yoga, the first thing that comes to mind is"soft", and the second is"balance"?but in the class of yoga, even if the core is very strong and unstable, the other exercisers are struggling to keep themselves from falling like the real wind.

we all know a yoga postures that require the involvement of various parts of the body.if not, then is concave shape, 0.1 seconds may be captured the modelling that is very beautiful, especially the balance postures, we did not feel it should have grace, roots, and stable, and may also be very messy.

today for everyone to share balance postures called half moon type(ardha chandrasana) this asana can stretch to get the depth of the spine, improve the back, shoulder ache, can improve concentration, suitable for long sedentary, attention of people.but here is the quality exercise, looking at a fixed point, finding the stability of the breath, the body is stable, and in order for it to stay for a long time, it will be more focused.


practice step

1, with triangle type(right), left hand hip, right knee, fall right palm on his right foot forward about one and a half the distance of the palm on the ground(note:according to each person body, lower body and the length of the arm, gap, but not too much) on right foot toe always let the ball down, the inside of the foot if easy to turn up, so let's big toe and little toe effectively stepped down, but not to dig.besides paying attention to breathing, yoga is the foundation of stability.it is like the foundation of a house.if the foundation is not strong enough, the materials will also be used.


2, slowly straighten the right leg, left leg is raised upward until parallel to the ground, our hip, chest to go up, through the spine stretch body, like floating in the air, reduce the leg under pressure, good stability after can raised his left hand to go up, with the right arm in a straight line, you can turn to see to the top of the finger.


the use of assistive devices

assistive devices:a piece of brick, a wall

1, if the right hand on the ground are difficult, it doesn't matter because we long legs, then put his hand on a piece of brick and then enter the postures, as brick with feet distance may be appropriately elongate, similar with the distance we shoulder to hip.we can use accessories correctly, but don't rely too much on it.


use assistive devices for the our spine clearly can see better ductility, especially our chest is also very good.

2, wall?is it to be used or to hold or to bring it to the top? no, i'm going to talk about it.why?a big reason for not being stable is that it has to do with the toes of the upper legs.it's like a domino, and a very small initial energy can have a tremendous effect.what you need to do is to hook the foot back and push it out of your foot.and how do you find the force?that is the top of the foot to push against the wall, head forward to extend, to find the force of the pull.


auxiliary technique

once i, afraid of or not willing to touch other people's body.the main reason is to be afraid of other people's antipathy, but i don't hate other people to help me do exercises, in fact, many times i have been blind imagination.

aids not only helps other people or experiences or in-depth poses, but also teaches me to recognize some of the areas behind us that we can't see in a proper place.


auxiliary step

1, first of all make auxiliary object in order to they think the best way to enter the postures.

2, we stand behind the auxiliary objects and use the abdomen to support the auxiliary objects, while ensuring that our bodies are stable.

3, with one hand to support under the thighs of the air.

4, the position of the triangle muscles in the upper arm of the other hand.

5, one hand to assist the shoulder of the object to open, while the other hand to put the upper leg in the horizontal position.

6, let their center of gravity lean slightly back and let the body try to be like a wall vertical.

7, the above assistance is mainly based on the specific situation of the auxiliary objects.

8, slowly release your hand, don't leave right away until the secondary object can be well balanced.


1, headache, eye disease, diarrhea, varicose veins, insomnia, etc., do not do this position for the time being

2, have high blood pressure, please don't turn your head, please look forward to the front or the ground


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