if you don't go shopping on sunday, you like to dress up at home and practice yoga

a woman has a spirit of water, and little secret shows you a family.hello everyone, i am external beauty, inside more beautiful small.for more information, remember the top right corner.

little secret language record:the meaning of yoga is that knowing oneself and make body and mind are satisfied when

a fairy asked little secret:"i like yoga very much, but because of the time and money, i have no way to yoga classes every day, i would like to meet love at home, can?"little secret want to tell you, whatever it is, yoga, fitness, running and so on, insist on the most important thing is, yoga practice at home as long as you can stick to it, this is a very encouraging things!let's take a look at it.what's the difference between practicing yoga at home and being outdoors?

first of all, at home, yoga is a very good thing, but in practice yoga yoga gym will be more professional and safety, and go to a yoga every day is a bit unrealistic.so at home yoga is the consolidation and extension beyond the yoga studio.yoga at home is not the same as yoga in yoga.at home yoga will be more spiritual!

in the gym, yoga will not be disturbed, also need not to think about the next asana is what?what's the next step?is it exhaling or inhaling?these don't need you to consider, just need to follow the teacher's password one breath, one stretch!

relative, yoga at home, you will be their guide, in addition to the position of the guide, must have the mood to guide!practice often disturbed by life-at home, neighbors children, dogs, express delivery, tv and so on, i think we how to guide them put heart in the yoga, that is the important lesson of yoga at home.

don't need to force yourself to practice at home for 1 hour?75 minutes?90 minutes?these are not necessary, when you have practiced for 10 minutes and feel good, then go on, if you can't still, then stop!

about yoga poses problems at home, little secret to everyone's answer is:like what style, then go to practice!just like you don't have to worry about the hours of practice, you don't have to chase the body type of choreography and connect the various styles you like, which is a set of yoga!

the most important, the most important is not yoga postures, yoga is greater than the significance of the practice of postures, put on sleep in meditation for a while before going to sleep, it is also a yoga!today's dry delivery time comes again, today the small secret to bring everybody is a suitable for the home practice-bow type.

bow type is a common in yoga postures, named after the deep action like open bow, bow type is beneficial to many parts of the body, especially for female friends benefit is bigger, the fairies can often practise at home!

bow style:

1, lie on the yoga mat, chin on the floor, arms straight on both sides of the body, the instep of the foot, adjust the breath.

2, bend the lower leg, lower the lower leg to the hip, both hands on the ankles.

3, inspiratory, upper body and legs upward force, feet and hands formed confrontation, to achieve the balance of the body, head syncline is raised above, shoulder extension outward, open the chest, and can also be instep back to hook, the sole of the foot even to the ceiling

4, as breathing movements, as far as possible, keep several groups of breathing, then loosen your hands, the body slowly back, after can do baby type relax under

yoga at home, the biggest significance is insist, the most difficult is also insist, reasonable arrangement of their own training plan, and stick to it is your ultimate goal!and learn to ask for help!when you are at home in yoga difficulty, please first time looking for the answer, the teacher, the blessed one, or small, you can seek help, i think every lot for yoga is selfless!let's get moving!

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