how many of the top six air yoga stars did you guess?

as now one of the hottest sports, yoga in star also is very popular, especially in last few years popular yoga can be said to be the star of the air"darling".what to get a word of horse, the sun plank to support, bask in the running mileage is less than the sun air yoga can be said that aerial yoga is a very attractive sport, with the combination of yoga, pilates, gymnastics, tai chi and so lingling, shina, liu's all death bells!

let's do it today to take stock for air yoga obsession with"female fans"

top 6.cyndi

taiwan sweetheart, cyndi is an air of yoga enthusiasts, although cyndi is small, playing yoga to air is also good.

from the early simple postures, alone can try after the difficult"clockwise type", although is not very standard, but progress is very big, believe that as long as you keep practicing, will soon be able to unlock new skills oh~


the fairy sister l recently also in weibo practice air drying out pictures of yoga, hands hanging in the air, the horse legs in a word, strength and soft it all!although it may seem simple, the body's flexibility and core strength are strict.the celestial fairy is immortal, presumably this aerial yoga is a success..

top4 uproot shayna

to ask why"slope elder sister"uproot shayna always spirit gas full?just look at the picture!don't look at her always happily, do the aerial yoga is also a model.

the ability of the maintenance effect is very good, not only to repair spinal cord, also can hairdressing to raise colour, it is no wonder that she just like"inverse growth"over the years..

top3 tang yixin

we"kei"gives the impression of at ordinary times is the vitality girl full of sunshine, even so practice yoga's jokes.

but whimsy whimsy and postures of the finish was very good.and for the convenience of practicing, tang yixin also specially installed equipment at home, will be able to practice as soon as available.she was originally a slender figure, and now she is more and more envied, self-described as"chopsticks waist"..

ranked by li-kun wang

if you only see two posed before, you may thought li-kun wang is just the first group, but behind a few pieces of hard dry issue as before, you will find that she is also a yoga a lot of time in the air.

top1.liu tao

light to see in the picture, liu tao all plain yan out is still a twinkle in her eyes, see come out is the mother of two children?

seriously about this set of difficult moves of the time and patience do not to come out, at ordinary times did not seem wuli tao sister less effort.

even wake our professional coaches was full of praise for liu tao"each time you come to class is very serious, the teacher said is try my best to do it, the main points of the perfect, so to speak."

so star good figure is not natural, ordinary people like us, they only through constant movement and practice have shiny appearance and shape now, if you want to beauty, don't stop the footsteps of your practice.

, what do you do now?

open your yoga mat!

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