the basic techniques of yoga breathing must be known!

as we all know, breathing is the key to yoga practice.

, how do you breathe when you practice yoga?

in dynamic practice, is the body's basic principles, outward and upward extension when inspiratory, body downward, inward, shrinkage, reverse the exhale.

is in static practice, when you stay in the pose, you can breathe in full, some of them need to be inhaled in the abdomen to the chest, such as torsional body type, inverted body type.

, how do you breathe?

meditation breathing can freely, to control, don't deliberately before meditation can practice yoga postures, then pranayama, again into the meditation.the breathing is much fuller and natural at this time.

how to make the breath go deeper?

1.reduce the external obstacles

when breath into the chest, ribs, but the chest, ribs, stiff, they can't get into gas, so want to practice more open chest postures, don't let the rigidity hindered the full of the breath of the body.

2.increase intrinsic motivation

try throat breathing, close the back of the throat, abdominal core tightening, slow airflow control effectively enter the body, to extend the time of inspiratory, let inspiratory process longer, let the body more time to take breath.

to your true positive force

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