beginners of yoga should know the basic common sense

a lot of people are learning yoga is just with a passion, for yoga does not understand the basic knowledge, thus easily injured in yoga, and often lost interest due to the slow progress, and give up from now on, finally go away, but it's no use complaining about yoga, actually this is wrong.

to share with you today yoga article 13 of the basic common sense, down small notebook, avoid exercise injury oh~

1, the practice is best on an empty stomach before

(1) keep at least should be 1 to 2 hours on an empty stomach, the stomach burden is overweight.

(2) the body posture of yoga is centered around the spine of the human body, around and around, stretching and squeezing.

(3) overweight stomach burden causes the practitioner to produce nausea, headache and chest tightness during practice, and severe even vomiting.

(4) if you are very hungry, you can also eat a banana and eat a bit of liquid, such as a glass of milk, which will complement your body energy and help you to continue yoga practice.

2, don't eat a lot of food an hour after practice.

(1) after the exercise, our gastrointestinal tract is in a relaxed state, and the self-interested diet can cause the gastrointestinal overload.

(2) in addition, after the exercise, the body's blood in the body of the bones, muscles, immediately to eat food, can make a lot of blood flow to the stomach quickly, so that the flow of blood to the heart of reduce greatly, has led to an increased workload on the heart.

(3) can take a small amount of water, or eat a piece of candy, and replenish the body.

3, 30 minutes after bath, sauna is unfavorable yoga

(1) bath accelerate blood circulation, yoga practice also prompted the blood circulation, this will speed up the heart rate, increase the burden on the heart.

(2) yoga practitioners in india usually take cold water baths before practicing to clean the body.the blood circulation of the body is slowed down, and the heart burden is not increased.

4, practice after half an hour don't bath

(1) the sebum and sweat will form the sebum membrane, can have the effect of very good nourishing the skin(one reason why it has beauty&skin; care efficacy of yoga).a bath immediately destroys the beneficial substance.therefore, it is advisable not to take a bath immediately.

(2), however, the situation is different for high-temperature yoga, strength yoga, or body yoga training.these kinds of yoga can make the exercisers sweat profusely.the toxins from the sweat need to be flushed out, and the sweat stains can make people feel uncomfortable.

(3) even if this is true, it should be kept in mind that you should take a bath after your breathing and your heartbeat are back to normal after practice.

5, avoid wearing accessories such as watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.)

(1) these ornaments not only affect the action, and easy to damage the body during exercise.

(2) the external things also violated the aims and objectives of the yoga practice, at least in the process of the practice of yoga to keep a kind of awe of heart, let the body and mind temporarily away from confusion and control of external things, really into the arms of yoga.

6, it's best to use a professional yoga mat

or a blanket or towel on the's advisable to kneel on your's not safe to use a gym for aerobics.too thick can lead to the completion of certain movements with less support than it should be, a serious injury to the bone.on the contrary, if the mat is too hard, it can not protect the body.the lighter can cause inflammation in the stressed area, and the heavy ones will injure the normal function of the joints and bones.

7, postures when the movement wants slow, cooperate with the correct breathing, can achieve better effects

the nostril breathing are usually used, unless there is a special position.breathing in general is natural respiration, part of the action will use abdominal breathing to relieve the pressure of the chest cavity.most of the primary body exercises are stretching without holding your breath, meaning that naaman breathes slowly, breathing and breathing, especially if you keep moving.

8, asana practice should give priority to with their own maximum, not blind comparisons, or, as well as the teacher

the general practice for many years, many postures can be standard, and if in the gym or yoga, because it is in the same class, people practice time is not the same as each member, each person's level is different, so there's no need to compare with others, and focus on self-awareness and breathing, to do the limit of the body is ok, follow the teacher guide, can do simple version of postures, step by step, slowly to correct, progress, achieve the standard.

9, should guarantee the exercise three or four times a week, also should be at least 2 times

start practicing yoga, frequency according to body circumstance and yoga teacher guidance, can practice 2-3 times a week, because the body's resistance to pressure and degree of muscles are weak, if frequent practice, it can cause a sense of urgency to the muscles and ligaments, sore cause discomfort, the most important is must adhere to.

10, if any discomfort during the process of practice, discomfort, should immediately stop

system of gem gal be particular about to quit, but don't force yourself, this and china taoist laozi's idea of"inaction", practicing yoga is for the sake of the harmony of body and mind, if the body unwell, in the process of practice that practice asana, you overstretch force oneself body, more than the limit of the body, not just bad to the body, it is a kind of harm to the body, in the long run, will make the body out of balance, mind will become"obsessive compulsive disorder"and"rage", greenery, become extremely.

11, exercise should be performed barefoot

(1) when practicing yoga, is barefoot steps in order to make better contact with the ground, squeeze a foot massage acupuncture points, steps for skin to breathe to relax;

(2) expose the nerve endings in the palms and feet to stimulate the nerve and stay active.

(3) can be used to prevent sliding and falling.

before 12, practice first bowel movement, clean body

the goal of yoga is to the health of the body, to the liberation of mind, defecate is better let our body is in a state of pure clean, in order to make easier breathing, meditation in order to make better into the atmosphere, in order to let each asana more easily done, if practice, let the body with the waste will hinder the progress of the body and mind.

13, tight practice should not be worn

(1) the yoga practice is different from general of aerobics, physical is best to choose loose, sweaty and breathable clothing for physical activity.

(2) yoga is a physical and mental relaxation exercise, which is not conducive to relaxation.the clothes you can choose are made of cotton and hemp.

(3) the jacket can choose the fitting clothes, so as to complete some inverted, inverted type of body type, the lower body is best for loose, waist belt pants.


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