urban solitary women's health guidelines

today, many women because of the work relationship, often a person renting a house and form a personal centered lifestyle, three meals without taking into account other people, how they want to eat, when to eat, what you want to eat, what is more, people do not want to eat, do not eat.whether married"hopeless"3s lady, is extremely happy to enjoy a carefree and content woman living alone, the health and quality of more and more can not be ignored.however, the survey found that the probability of a person living in an accident is lower than that of a partner or family, at least 40%.do not think that the danger is only a fable, is the story of others, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease age is obviously ahead of schedule, living in the city, we enjoy all kinds of convenience, but also faces more unexpected accidents.by learning more about coping and preventing knowledge, we can be prepared for it.

a, diet

, many white-collar workers for convenience, often with instant noodles, bread and so on as a dinner, there will be irregular meals or daily meals increase or decrease the situation.these conditions are particularly common among white-collar workers living alone.how should a white collar worker practice a healthy and diversified diet? food

1.time feeding important part

alone sometimes because of work time for the sake of white-collar workers tend to eat noodles, bread, biscuits and other starch based and eat vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products, the lack of iron, calcium, vitamin c and other nutrients.in fact, in the staple food based on the appropriate increase in the number of ingredients, such as pasta, vegetables and meat or fish can be added; vegetarians can add soy products such as tofu, chicken, etc., in order to increase the nutrition; eat bread, add egg, cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwich etc..

2.food processing

some unhealthy white-collar alone for convenience, often eat canned or processed foods, such as luncheon meat, salted egg, salted fish, fermented black bean dace.because these foods contain high salt or high fat, regular eating can affect blood pressure levels and cardiovascular health, and pickled foods increase the incidence of cancer.therefore, for the sake of health, it is recommended to choose fresh meat and vegetables, such as fresh vegetables, lean meat, fish, chicken and so on.

3."cook a meal, eat more meals"

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