why is wearing a cheap jewelry itch all over? is it allergic to poverty?

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are your tintin sizes normal?how strong is your sexual capacity?
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we use the body every day, but do you really know about it? in order to make the body serve us better, we must first understand the structure and secrets of the body.today, let's explore the unknown body!

secret this week:

, why does a small button make me itch? why do i wear real gold without itchy skin? who can tell my boyfriend that i didn't do it?"! the skin is really itchy!

in view of the recent people tucao is in the"do", so today want to talk to you about 5 cents"metal allergy"topic.passerby:

button with the jeans inside small iron meat will make every summer my navel covered with blisters, enjoying scratching their pleasure, oh oh oh~~~

b:i daifeijinfei silver jewelry blisters, redness and swelling.my mother said that this is a natural fortune, i am a human flesh inspection machine.we bought gold and silver will be the first for me, who try to poison me to wear, not allergic, that is true.

passerby:metal glasses and denture allergies are also drunk......

forehead......why on earth? some people say that they are"allergic to poverty", some say"rich fate", others say that"mother was eating xxx when she was pregnant", and her boyfriend said i was"doing""!! there are so many wonderful flowers, that is, no one hits the truth.

why am i so exotic and allergic to metals?

first allergy is the body's immune system function"metamorphosis", unprovoked attack harmless substances to the human body, and sometimes even on the body itself also attack and destroy the organization.

metal allergy is usually manifested as contact allergy caused by daily exposure to metal, such as common belt buckles, small jewelry, metal buttons and other allergies.these metals are not gold or silver, they tend to have a common feature, that is, contains the"nickel(ni)"component.nickel metal(ni) is the most commonly complained of allergic metal, clinical statistics, about 20% of people allergic to nickel ions, interestingly, the number of female patients is higher than that of male patients.in addition, metal cobalt(co) and chromium(cr) also lead to metal allergy records.where is the sacred place of

nickel? how does metal allergy happen?

nickel is approximately silvery white, hard and ductile and ferromagnetic.it can be highly polished and resistant to corrosion, so it is often used in electroplating.

when metals contain nickel(ni), cobalt(co) and chromium(cr) components, or metals are treated by electroplating, the ions of these metals can penetrate into the skin through pores and sebaceous glands, thereby causing skin allergies.especially in summer, when people sweat a lot, the salt ions in sweat will make the nickel ion more active, and more easily penetrate into the skin, so the phenomenon of metal allergy in summer will be more serious.the common clinical manifestations of

are pruritus, papular or papular vesicular dermatitis, or accompanied by lichen.and the symptoms will increase with the pressure, sweat, allergic metal friction and so on.

in addition to belt buckles, jewelry and so on, where else can you encounter easily allergic metal?

nickel, cobalt, chromium and other easy to cause human allergies is often used for making metal, glasses, dentures, etc..pay special attention to metallic allergy friends must use dentures or braces, its use of materials, beware of causing metal allergy in the oral cavity.special instructions are that mobile phones and ipad may also contain nickel in electronic products.~~~~

, in addition to direct contact with metal, metal containing food is the most likely to cause skin allergies trap.food containing nickel, chromium, cobalt and other metal elements, such as chocolate, cocoa, coffee, beans, spices, shellfish and other foods, may cause systemic eczema.of these metal allergy friends should pay special attention to diet.

"nickel"is a bad guy.don't we want it?

everything has two sides, and what specific biochemical functions nickel has on the human body has not yet been clear.but what you can know is that in the case of anemia, the blood nickel content will be reduced, the absorption of iron will also be reduced, nickel can stimulate hematopoietic function, people and animals after nickel supplement, red blood cells, hemoglobin and white blood cells will increase.

so the students who are not allergic to nickel have to go to large amounts of nickel? never, according to the results of animal experiments, it is possible that the nickel requirement is 25~35 g/d.if excessive intake will cause poisoning, chronic excessive intake or excessive exposure, can lead to myocardial, brain, lung, liver and kidney degeneration.

also shows that drinking water containing nickel increases the incidence of cancer every day, especially in cancer patients.it is necessary to stop contact with nickel products during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.in addition, there are also some irregular manufacturers of drugs, also has a high nickel ingredients.why is

wearing"real gold"?

gold, pure titanium itself has high chemical stability, and the general surface will be transparent silver silver oxide covered, chemical properties is also relatively stable, not through the pores of the sebaceous glands and ion penetration into the skin to go inside, so these metals rarely cause skin allergy.

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