show confidence!beautiful and comfortable shoes like this

"the wrong shoes will be beautiful, and you won't be able to walk far!"shoes are not only a symbol of personal taste, but also important to protect the health of feet!but what can you do to be confident and beautiful?in addition to choosing the appropriate shoe style according to the occasion, whether the shoe can properly support the body weight, let you wear comfortable, walking freely, is a pair of good shoes essential elements!

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and it is worth noting that, according to the statistics, the average person on an average day walk 8000 steps from the road, and walking, foot the pressure was 1.2 times of our weight, running more than five times as high as our body weight pressure.that is, a woman weighing 50 kg, if she walks 8,000 steps a day, her feet will bear up to 480 metric tons of ground reaction a day, which is amazing!

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