health guide for urban living alone


nowadays many women because working relationship, often a man to rent a house to form a personal way of life for the center, three meals don't care about others, what do you want to eat, when to eat, eat what they like, even can't think don't eat.whether it's the leftover women who get married"hopeless"or the powerful woman who enjoys a carefree life, the health and quality of living alone can't be ignored.however, the study found that a person who lived in an accident was at least 40 percent less likely to have an accident than someone with a partner or not think that risk is only a fable, it is other people's stories, the onset of disease of heart head blood-vessel age significantly ahead of time, living in cities we enjoy all kinds of convenience but also faced the threat of more sudden accident.we can be prepared to learn more about coping and preventing knowledge.


>these conditions are particularly prevalent among solitary white-collar should a solitary white-collar worker practice a healthy and diversified diet?

1.good time charging important

part of solitary white-collar sometimes because of working hours tend to eat noodles, bread, biscuits and other foods, which is mainly composed of starch and eat less food such as vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy, so that a lack of iron, calcium, vitamin c and other fact, you can add some"ingredients"on the basis of staple food, such as noodles, vegetables and meat slices or fish fillets.vegetarians can add soy products, such as vegetarian chicken and dried bean curd, to increase nutrition.when you eat bread, you can add eggs, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.some solitary white collar workers often eat canned or processed foods, such as luncheon meat, dace, salted eggs, salted fish, etc.because these foods contain high salinity or high fat, regular eating can affect blood pressure levels and cardiovascular health, and pickled foods increase the incidence of cancer.therefore, for the sake of health, it is recommended to choose fresh meat and vegetables, such as fresh vegetables, lean meat, fish, chicken, etc.

3."one meal for cooking, multiple meals"

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