just know how to build a bikini bridge

it is said that the"bridge"has become the most popular thin standard:if you stomach flat, flat pelvis can set up briefs, briefs and the suspended clearance between the lower abdomen, a"bridge"effect.

is the focus of"bikini bridge".but very helpless, waist abdomen is also the place that fat is easiest to accumulate.this is because the body fat accumulation is the preferred body near the center of gravity, abdomen and human standing close to the center of gravity of the position, hoarding"standby power"here does not affect humans sit stand to go run and jump in the center of gravity of the change, especially to keep humans walked upright geometrical symmetry.so abdominal visceral fat and abdominal subcutaneous fat is the preferred position of fat accumulation.in addition, it is related to the abdominal muscle type, the muscles in the abdomen are smooth muscle, and the ability to resist fat is weak.

, if you sit still for a long time, it provides a good opportunity for the accumulation of fat in your abdomen, which is why you become obese.but some people who don't work long hours and gain weight are fat, which is confusing to many people.it's also related to a lot of bad habits.

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