woman underwear in the end should not wear?

underwear is a woman's personal clothing, proper use can also modify the body curve, but all things have advantages and disadvantages, underwear can cause breast disease wrongly dressed.therefore, as a woman, these things about underwear must know.

first, select the top ten principles of underwear:

1, underwear should be appropriate rather loose tight, close but not tight.2, try to buy cups without sponge or other ingredients to add bra.

3, cut to three-dimensional.

4, shoulder strap pull enough.

5, comfortable fabrics, environmental protection, good ventilation.

6, cup lock fat strong.7, when trying on the breast is three-dimensional, complete, no sense of pressure and was cut signs.

8, try to wear briefs.if you must wear, please wear a good quality pants.

9, used to wear high-quality waistband waist harness.10, regular replacement of unqualified underwear(continuous use of underwear for more than a year to be discarded in time).second, the proper way to wear underwear:the first step, 45 degrees leaning forward the upper body tilted 45 degrees forward, hand through the shoulder strap, let the shoulder strap hang on your shoulder.

the second step, adjust the shoulder strap

head up, adjust the shoulder strap to feel the most comfortable position.the shoulder strap is usually about 3 cm from the cup.the third step, the hook after the buckle with the edge of the meat buckle#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

to maintain the forward position, after the hook buckle, the breast bottom line of fat, i gather to the middle of the rest focus, and then part of the armpit fat, so as to make the breast fullness.the fourth step, the final inspection move the shoulder, raise your hand to see if the shoulder strap will fall off, underarm fat is incorporated into the cup, the shoulder strap is horizontal.

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