satyrut woman must have six major tactics against pervert

satyr woman must have six major tactics anti-satyr

satyr, a hate that women hate most creatures.saty on the way back in the night, the bus, subway cars, beach swimming infested frequently, to bring great harassment to women.what should women do when they face satyr? stand up against or quietly endure?

in the small, enclosed environment of the subway train, the satyr moved impatiently toward the woman in an attempt to comfort her.approaching the pervert in the satyr, our sister paper often only know how to hide left and right flashes, but there is no trick for the satyr.even more frightening is that passengers around actually turned a blind eye, collective silence, sister paper choose to endure silently, so pervert finally is not uncommon for a satyr to make a woman cheaper.when the crowds in the local area are crowded and everyone can not move next to each other, the satyr likes to behave evil.for the pervert attack, a woman how to do to avoid harassment? xiao bian next to introduce you to prevent the ten wolf trick.trick one, and the satyr on the tv.when a woman realizes she's being invaded by a satyr, she must turn around courageously and look into the satyr and see how disgusted this lynx guy is.often this deterrent look will make pervert panic, then escape.trick two, transferred to a safe not want to be harassed by the satyr, may wish to subway female exclusive car, or as close as same-sex or driver, to protect their own safety, to eliminate satyr tracking harassment.trick three, when the pervert shouted"catch a thief."satyr step by step approaching you no retreat, may wish to shout"catch thief"to attract the attention of other passengers.if the wolf refuted, you should boldly point out that he has been posted to the body, so satyr groundless.thousands of tricks, the elevator encountered a wolf to quickly call for help.elevator single woman met a strange man with the ladder, try to get close to the elevator button doorway stand.if the satyr began to move quickly press the help button and multi-storey stairs button, cry for help.trick five, carry self-defense supplies.night go women walking in the deserted streets vulnerable to the attack by the satyr, walking around to observe the situation, the backpack to keep anti-satyr self-defense supplies, when the satyr appeared immediately call the police.

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tricks six, timely reporting by the satyr infringement.if a woman accidentally been violated the satyr, to report the beat with the satyr, pulled the satyr hair, fingerprints, items, etc., will be pulling clues to catch the wolf, will be brought to justice.

the above is about the"woman must-have anti-pervert six tips"introduction.satyr haunt in every corner of the city, women should learn to protect themselves, to eliminate the pervert of harassment, responsible for their own safety.

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