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black lettering long black sweater, casual sports style, wild type, loose cut, possession of thin, with dark gray leggings and black and white color canvas shoes, this body is very stylish simple yet generous fashion sense, the key is thin ah.white loose hooded sweater, korean version of the design style of dress, wearing a stylish body type, with ginger leggings, put on cotton socks and white flat shoes, so mix and match the full range of children, wear tassel plaid scarf, even more clear.digital pattern hedging sweater, simple wild, sports style, home essential tide, with a leggings skirt, put on black shoes, simple and neat collocation, always make people put it down.mixed color hooded sweater with black shorts and leggings, put on boots, the most popular autumn season dress, narrow width on the thin invincible, with the sense of hierarchy, more stylish.pink hooded sweater, sweet and lovely color, upper body cute girl.with a leggings skirt, put on shoes, han van children full dress, casual style, home with a more sunny.mickey patterned green hooded sweater, relaxed design, simple and elegant, with denim shorts and black leggings, put on short boots, so seductive dress, was thin and beautiful, more stylish.vertical streaks the most skinny, this relaxed design sweater, upper body stylish and simple, with white leggings, but also mix and match cotton socks , wear handsome short boots, so stylish dress, go 100% sure.dark gray long sweater, hooded design, casual wear style, upper body comfortable and generous.with black leggings and white shoes, more lightweight and stylish.whether it is home or shopping wear neat fashionable.

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