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don't expect a certain movement can also complete the dual tasks of abdomen, waist, there is no shortcut on the road is to lose weight.

myth#1:sit-ups is the best way to exercise the stomach muscles

the reality:back pain, shoulder acid belly still has been flat as we get tight abdominal guarding"magic weapon"sit-ups, but failed to fitness among american authority organization"the most effective health abdominal approach"list.the reason is simple, when sit-ups, our movements are often not in place, usually on the back and shoulders, while the stomach doesn't get any real exercise.

> after the comprehensive assessment of the effects of 13 types of abdominal fitness, the experts found the top 3 most effective methods, which were:the training of the healthy riding machine(bicycle exercise machine).a bench(a bench with a 30-degree angle on the ground, where you can lie on it, lift your legs up and hold for a few seconds, and strengthen your abdominal muscles).fitness ball training.

sit-ups modified:fitness coaches believe that if you want sit-ups to exert better, you can try to do the following change-only do sit-ups 10 times per minute, when upper body a 45-degree angle with the ground keep 5 seconds, the effect is better than 1 minute to do 60 times!2:

myth abdomen of exercise every day to get tight abs

the reality:time encounter dewlap counterattack the muscles of the abs and other body parts forming process is exactly the same, shape also needs to have a period of time.because after the great physiological load of exercise training, muscle cells form is changed, but have not yet fully formed, after 48 hours to complete the muscles usually take the task of"reconstruction".exercise every day for the abdomen is can promote fat burning, but have not left the formation of the abs time, once the exercise slack off, flesh will soon launch"offensive", all not disqualified?

correct practice frequency:1 week 3 times.

myth#3:the effect of high density of exercise can receive double

the reality:panting, stand out put an action repeated 100 times, will be able to get the effect of 1 times better than 50 times?fitness is not the accumulation of pure quantity, but should value qualitative change.take the"boat bench"equipment training, for example, many people will do dozens of them, until the sweat and breath can't stop.the senior fitness instructor believes that the key to the abs training is to be in position and to have a proper pause, preferably with 15 movements in one group and two or three groups at a time.

:more changes in exercise, such as a small sandbag in the leg, will be different.

4:myth health=closed abdominal waist

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the reality:thin waist, fat belly many people bring healthy abdominal exercise with minus the fat around the waist movement confused, think a beauty can thin waist and abdomen, but tend to be thin waist, fat belly.this is because the decrease accumulation of fat in the waist is much easier than shape abdominal muscle, only need to cooperate on diet, reducing the intake of food of high quantity of heat, adhere to the corresponding training at the same time, will be able to make"small pretty waist".the waist is thin, and the abdominal area that is not trained is more"outstanding".

:don't expect a certain kind of exercise to be able to complete the double tasks of the belly and waist, there is no shortcut to losing weight.

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