how to bathe thin leg?body exercises

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how to bathe thin leg?can you lose weight by bathing?no kidding!as long as you have the small details of the bath, and learn to use the sprinkler, you can enjoy the"tenderness"of the water while throwing away the pesky fat.

shower head bath weight loss

.be aware that the rinse massage begins at the site far from the heart.

belly, in the abdomen with clockwise direction of the distance and close range of the washing, if you can keep the water flow strong, weak is the best.

leg, bending down to the shank, from the bottom up;take turns and massage your legs repeatedly and repeatedly.

.soak first, then rub with a foam-rich bath cotton.don't overexert yourself to avoid damaging the skin.

belly, rubbing with bath cotton in the abdomen, the more times the more effective.

buttock, in the upright position, from the leg up to the waist to the waist, rubbing 5, 6 times.

leg, legs open, upper body bend forward, from toe to ankle, calf, thigh.rub together two or three times.

local bath weight loss

is used to flush a certain part of the body, which can promote blood circulation as well as the whole body bath, which can help you to lose weight and reduce fatigue.

bath, soaking in warm water for 5~ 10 minutes, can improve constipation and reduce fat accumulation.

body bath, the lower body is soaked in warm water for 20 minutes to strengthen the bath of the weight loss zone without causing the heart burden.

.when taking a hot bath, you can use water pressure and buoyancy to lose weight more also causes sweat and heat loss.the water level is about seven to eight full.after bubble still want to use soap or bath milk, wash body clean thoroughly.


>the toes of the activity, the bottom of the feet and the wall of the bathtub, the front and back pressure movement together 20 times, thus massage the soles of the feet.

left:hands hold both sides of the bathtub, the waist is propped against the wall of the bathtub, and the right amount of friction is five times, before and after it is squeezed 5 times.

:right:hands on both sides of the bathtub, stand on your toes, make your body swing, and then swing around your waist, five times.

right:cross your hands from the inside to the inside of your legs, and make a force;the legs are moving in.hold for 5 seconds, 5 times.


with both hands on both sides of the bathtub, and the micro-bend on the arm, so hold for 10 seconds, so that the hip muscles are stressed.

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