three essential conditions for burning fat

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the body to burn fat need to three necessary conditions, be short of one cannot. achieve the moderate and low intensity of the exercise heart rate

what is the low intensity of the exercise heart rhythm? how to calculate?so here's a formula, and you can calculate for yourself what the heart rate is for yourself.

formula:low intensity exercise heart rate=(220-age) x 60%(220-age) x 80%

, for example, a man of twenty years old, for him, the low intensity exercise heart rate was 60%(220-20) x-x 80%(220-2), 120-160 times, that is to say, his low intensity exercise heart rate is 120 times/min to 160 times per minute, less than 120 times per minute or higher than 160 times/min, are not the movement of the heart rate, low intensity burning are not fat.

, the lower intensity of the exercise, the proportion of fat energy supply is higher, the decomposition and consumption of fat in the unit time is more, the weight loss effect is the the low intensity exercise, although the proportion of fat energy supply is the highest, but the intensity of exercise is low, the unit time is broken down, consumption is less fat.big strength relies mainly on the function of glucose in the movement, the function of fat proportion is very small, go against the decomposition of fat and consumption, and obese people physiological function is poorer, movement early stage it is often hard to tolerate big strength exercise to lose weight.

2.low intensity exercise lasts more than half an hour

the second important condition is that the low intensity exercise movement lasts more than 30 minutes under the heart rate, so as to achieve the goal of burning fat.because of general movement earlier first burn glycogen, glycogen consumption, the proportion of the later stage of burn fat to increase slowly, so the more moderate intensity exercise the longer will burn fat, as long as the last half an hour to an hour, the amount of calories consumed fifty percent, is to be supplied by burning fat.

3.low-intensity exercise must be the movement of large muscle groups

, jogging, swimming, aerobics, etc., so as to effectively lose body fat.

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, for example, mahjong is a typical small muscle movement, because of factors such as tension, when someone is playing mahjong heart rate may reach middle and lower strength, and can last a long time, more than 20 minutes, but because it is not a large muscle groups of the motion, so can't reach the effect of reducing addition, the passive movement caused by the dressing machine is also the movement of small muscle groups, and it is absolutely impossible to achieve the goal of reducing fat.

> all in all, healthy weight loss is a no-shortcut, fitness exercise is the first choice, and you may be effective on your weight loss path by following these three addition, you should not rely too much on external factors(diet pills, weight loss equipment), opportunistic, or self-defeating, whether you have been running on a diet chart.

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