avoid a minefield to lose weight

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a lot of people in the way of weight loss effort for a long time, still doesn't work, it may really don't know these questions below.

why do i have less exercise?

1.the low level of basal metabolism

on lose fat during exercise, are generally in the fitness field near the small white, muscles in their body proportion is not high, and fat percentage generally on the high side, this leads to the low level of basal metabolism.

simply says that a fitness veteran and a fitness novice(assuming they both have the same weight) are lying on that day doing nothing, and the veteran consumes more calories than the novice.just like a car with a large displacement and a small displacement, a foot on the gas pedal, the fuel consumption is the difference, this is the novice's"congenital deficiency".

2.total consumption of low-carb food

is not good.some abstinent people recommend strict limits on carbohydrates.however, there is no evidence that such diets are more effective than the same caloric intake.in fact, a lack of carbohydrates can cause headaches, dazzle and lethargy, as well as increasing the burden of the kidneys.

3.when you lose weight, you won't touch the fat

, but you can't miss the fat.

, because a moderate amount of fat contributes to the intake of certain nutrients, such as vitamins e, a, k, and so on, and fat is very helpful to the immune system and the nervous system.

, and the fat can make you feel fuller, so it's recommended that your daily fat intake should be 30 percent of your total calories.

4.eating a little bit less can reduce the heat absorption

.eating breakfast makes your brain more flexible and looks good, and it can lengthen your life.the most important thing is that eating breakfast can also kick-start your metabolism for a day and avoid hunger, resulting in overeating, so you get the idea?if you skip breakfast, your metabolism will decrease and you won't want to lose weight.

> is based on the above mentioned above, we can add some strength training between aerobic training to increase the exercise consumption, and increase the basic metabolism of the body.

> if the goal of fitness is simply to lose fat, keep the exercise of hiit, tabata and variable speed to replace routine aerobic exercise such as running and cycling.time is more economical, burn fat is more efficient, and with the advance of training, besides aerobic capacity, your strength, explosion and other physical indicators will also increase.

in addition, the human body is always more inclined to work in a way that is more"energy saving", when you are the same for a period of time after, the body will adapt to this kind of movement, energy consumption will be less than before, can be more in several kinds of movement patterns, new stimulus to the body.

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in the diet, to ensure the amount of carbohydrate and protein intake,"to have the strength to lose weight"is not to be laughed at.don't go on a blind diet, only exercise to lose weight, other things are bullshit.

is recommended to choose"good carbon water"in the selection of carbon water:fresh fruits, non-starchy vegetables, whole grain processed products, whole grains and nuts are all good.

benefits:how do you lose weight?

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