are you fat or thin?two measures give you the answer!

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start to lose weight will always be crazy, but i practiced for a few days without glancing at the site scale did not change, only to find that weight weight also sometimes dally ceng to rise, today small make up to answer questions about body weight after reducing weight not rise phenomenon.

what is the measure of fat?

body fat rate

, we talked about bmi before, but bmi was used to determine that fat is not necessarily accurate, because its formula is based on weight and height, and cannot separate muscle from fat.several rate of body fat measurement mode, can use the formula to calculate the:

1.2 x bmi+1.2 * age-5.4-5.4 * gender(male and female is 1, 0)

surrounded degree

measurements is the most intuitive reflect the figure is good or bad, can control the table, whether their own surrounded degree is standard.although there is a data standard, it is not necessary to strictly follow this figure, and many female stars do not meet this long as there is a change in the circumference of your body, it's better to be in shape.

1, muscle growth in

women in the exercise after a period of time to find himself more heavy weight than before, it's easy to fear the sport, in fact, it is not because does not have the reason of effect reducing weight, but your muscles in growth.

the same weight of muscle than fat volume will be much smaller, after a period of exercise you will find that instead of not losing weight is a bit up all of this is very normal matter, you can measure your waistline if there is a decrease?fat reduces muscle mass and seems to be heavier than before, but our bodies are much more concave and convex than before.if you don't stop exercising and eating healthily, the reason for your weight gain is that it's a big part of the muscle growth, so congratulations, weight loss has worked.

2, menstrual period work

girl during menstruation is in a stage of tend to get fat, sales are normally inactive girl, just will be more careful when you start, and the amount of exercise will be less.after exercise, the appetite will increase, so it will be fat, which is a normal category, so don't worry about it.

3, intake much

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after exercise can make the person's appetite, and think of me some people ignore all movement, eat more also nothing, so often treat yourself to relax the idea of eating.when your head starts to come up with this idea, your weight loss may be weight loss is a moment can not be relaxed, otherwise bring oneself is endless regret.

4, weight loss after the change of organization

with aerobic exercise disappear fat, meat to lose weight, weight may change a little, but can really thin tight beautiful, and because the constitution radically improved, also not easy after fat!compared to muscle, fat is large and light weight, so if you lose more than half of the fat, the whole person may seem to have lost a large amount of weight, but the weight has not changed much.

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