effective treatment for constipation of seven secret recipe

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constipation refers to as dung in stay inside bowel long, stool so that fewer, hard, difficult or not.generally two or more days without defecation, can prompt constipation existence.if every day, defecate, but defecate difficult and after defecation still have residual feeling, or accompanied by abdominal distension, also should include constipation scope.

how to treat constipation?


research shows that due to prune contains rich cellulose, pectin, and own some trace elements, making drinking natural prune juice, can effectively promote the intestinal peristalsis, increase defecation frequency, relieve or prevent constipation.many scientists to prune ease constipation function to do a lot of research and experiment, though the interpretation of the reason is different, but the results have proved that the prune juice has a unique effect on relieving constipation, is unmatched by any other food.for a long time, western plum juice has enjoyed the reputation of"human scavenger"in europe and the united states.meanwhile, many women in the hong kong and taiwan region call it"slim juice"because of its ability to promote defecation.


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3, get up early a cup of cold boiled water

.get up in the morning and drink 2-3 cups cold water, which can eliminate constipation.this is because cold water enters the stomach and causes the stomach-the large intestine to reflect and begin to squirm.when constipation, moisture can be absorbed by the body, make the defecate become dry again hard, drink cold boiled water to have the moisture that can complement stool.

4, eating pear

, fresh and sweet, sweet and crisp, it is a fruit that many people like.pears are high in vitamins a, b, c, d and e.a pear's vitamin c content is 10 percent of the recommended daily intake, and potassium is also abundant.like apple, it contains antioxidants that keep human cells and tissues healthy.although the pear is very sweet, but it is very low in calories and fat, it is very suitable for people who are sweet and afraid of fat.

pear each hectogram contains 3 grams of fiber(mostly non soluble fiber), it is a soluble fiber, can help to prevent constipation and peptic diseases, can purify the kidney, cleaning intestinal tract, long-term constipation should eat pears, and help prevent colon and rectal cancer.

5, rub the abdomen effectively to treat constipation

, the specific way to knead the abdomen is to empty the urine after getting up and drink 300 to 500 ml of water.standing, bipod and shoulder are the same as wide, the body relax, right hand palm on the lower right abdomen, left hand palm back on the right hand, from the lower abdominal massage to hypochondrium, right to the left hypochondrium, down to the lower left abdomen massage again can.massage 30 to 50 times in a clockwise direction, with no pressure when massaging, just a gentle massage.it may not be effective at first, as long as you stick to it, it will be effective 10 days later.do it every day for 30 days.

6, cajal sports

, cajal exercise should loosen abdominal muscle, leg muscle and muscles, as you control the kind of shrinkage action, don't let the fart or urinate every time to hold for 10 seconds or longer, then relax 10 seconds, a relaxation, a total of three times is round, so contraction should exercise every day 10 rounds.when the muscle is strengthened, the rotation can be increased.when the symptoms of defecation are under control, the rotation may no longer increase, but should continue to do at least one round at a time, or three rounds a week, to keep the muscle group strong and strong.

7, vinegar therapy:

rice vinegar 30ml(about two tablespoons), honey two tablespoons, stirring 3-5 times water, after each meal.

vinegar can promote defecation, but direct drinking can hurt stomach and duodenum, so it should be diluted.constipation severity can increase dosage.

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