super simple self-massage to lose fat easily

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so, what kind of method reducing weight is safe and reliable?when it's a massage to lose weight, you don't have to spend money on your own diet.below small make up to introduce in detail self massage lose weight:

pressure four acupuncture point massage to lose weight method

lying or sitting, the thumb tip respectively according to the pivot in shang wan, chung wan, double day(i.e.near the umbilical 2 inches, a around each hole), air sea and so on various complex den, feel sore, thumb knead turn 10 rounds in the meridians.


ring massage weight loss method

right hand from the heart socket to start the touch, under the left rib, down to the lower abdomen, up the right rib to feel the original ring 36 circles;then take the same technique from the heart socket with the left palm to the opposite direction of 36 laps.

is one of the easiest ways to do can go to bed or watch tv at night.rub knead abdomen, can stimulate nerve ending, make skin and subcutaneous fat capillaries open, accelerate metabolism, promote the waste of skin organization to discharge, can help reduce fat certainly.

walk away from proud flesh normal walk for commuting, walking after dinner, shopping shopping, etc.depending on your needs, choose slow, medium, or does not mean rush, just a bit faster than medium speed.walking can stretch bones, calm qi and blood, and lay a long-term foundation for weight loss.

the rocker arms walk walk along with the pace of the rhythm forcibly back and forth, or significantly lift down, this to improve people's arm, shoulder and chest a lot of good features, prevention and treatment of periarthritis of shoulder and chest.

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mogfu, you can use your hands to massage your chest, abdomen and back of your waist, which can effectively regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, prevent and control the decrease of kidney gas, and improve the metabolism function.easy walks and gentle abdominal massages can also help prevent indigestion and chronic gastrointestinal problems.

tips, massage weight loss is simple, but want to achieve a good weight loss effect, still need to insist on a long time massage!

benefits:how do you lose weight?

want to slim down?want to lose 8 pounds of weight loss plan?

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