chinese medicine diet tea to drink out of lean beauty

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herbal tea, herbal tea reducing weight is a kind of security methods, to introduce the below 7 kind of herbal tea.

1,<strong>chinese wolfberry</strong>tea-minus abdominal

material:hawthorn 6 g, 9 g of malt, sophora japonica 6 g, 12 g, chinese wolfberry root radish 1

method:cut the turnip to join 1500 cc cooked in boiling water, add other materials for fifteen minutes.1 time each day, 1 time before lunch.

hawthorn can remove greasy, and solve the indigestion caused by eating too much;malt elimination of overeating, excessive consumption of starch and the resulting bloating;locust flower can prevent the life from irregular and rise of fire;lycium has the function of inhibiting fat deposition;add radish to be able to heal the heat from the inside of the body because of carnival, remove waste from inside body.

2, hawthorn hosts tea-fat oil discharge

material fleece-flower root, hawthorn and red yi, radix rehmanniae

methods:also the above material poured into the pot of stew after adding water to boil them, probably stay up to half an hour later, leaving the juice to drink to slag.

this herbal tea, hawthorn, which contains the promote digest and radix rehmanniae has clear heat cool blood, the effect of yi yin fluid, intestinal dry constipation, quickly remove all oil and fat in the body.

3 good mother black tea, hawthorn, invigorate the circulation of the spot mesotherapy

material:hawthorn fruit 1 money 3~ 5 star, motherwort, black tea tea bag 1

method:after clean the hawthorn fruit, motherwort peel small pieces and then tea for 500 c.c.get blisters open, tan to red, with hawthorn and herba leonuri back cover lid, stew for about 5 minutes.serve.

herba leonuri has the effect of huoxue quyu, but its own caoxingwei is overweight, and this mesotherapy tea reducing weight is very appropriate with the scent of sweet and sour hawthorn, can cover up the taste of herba leonuri.this diet tea is suitable for drinking during the first few days of the period, which can help the blood flow more smoothly.don't drink it while you're doing it.

4, mulberry leaf lily tea-clear intestines and stomach fat

material:mulberry leaves 10 grams, 10 grams, lily mulberry 10 grams, radix asparagi 10 grams, 10 grams cassia seed, senna 10 g

methods:will match good medicament into just is boiling hot water, stewing and pour the water a few minutes to apply.

this herbal tea, is a fat stomach and help the body oil scraper method, because the body every day to eat a lot of fat, but no metabolism processing, will be piled up, so a clean intestines and stomach can accept fresh food in.

5, goddess luo rose scented tea, lishi anti-dropsy

material:rhizoma alismatis, plantain seed, rose, flower of

method:after cleaning will appeal all of the materials, in the after boil the pot of water to boil them, about half a slightly after water out after drinking directly as a child.

, this traditional chinese medicine diet tea, is used to eliminate edema, and by means of urination, speed up the number of toilets, and let the movement join in.

6, hawthorn tea-lipid-lowering mesotherapy lotus leaf extract

material:15 g, orange peel, 10 g dried lotus leaf, fried hawthorn and raw malt each 3 g

method:after some water boil to boil into all of the above material, turn the heat for 20 minutes.

this tea tastes sweet and sour, which is very good for mm.this tea can reduce the fat to decompress, the grease that is easy to search our intestines, promote digestion to discharge the excess rubbish and accumulate food in the body, have the effect that reduces weight reducing weight.

7, radix polygoni multiflori zhen son tea-the water diuretic

herbs:radix polygoni multiflori, fructus ligustri lucidi 5 g, 10 g dried lotus leaf 15 g

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method:put all the ingredients in a clean cup, pour into the right amount of boiling water, stuffy in 5 minutes.serve.

this homemade tea water diuresis, effective discharge excess water and toxins in our body, still can break down fat, promote digestion, inhibit blood sugar into fat in our body, thin body effect reducing weight is very good oh.

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