homemade squid food is delicious!

the nutritional value of the squid is very high.it is rich in protein, calcium, taurine, phosphorous and vitamin b1, etc., and is very high in content.in addition, the fat content is extremely low, the cholesterol content is high, each 100 gram squid fresh meat contains protein about 15 grams, the content of vitamin a is 230 international unit, about 2 times of squid.

fresh squid color is pure white, the taste is very q shot, crisp and crisp, there is a subtle sweet taste, with some vegetable cooking, very delicious.

big steamed squid


the squid/oil, garlic and red chili sauce//sugar/salt/oyster sauce chicken


1.steamed squid for 5 minutes and then cut good plate

2.put a small amount of oil in the pan, add half garlic, red pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, chicken fry

3.add half the garlic out of the pot to drench on squid, decorate can just have a small amount of scallions

when fired asparagus


grapefruit, squid, shrimp, asparagus, thai sweet chili sauce, red pepper.


onion ginger, salt, white sugar, pepper.


1, grapefruit meat tear off half of the juice, half tear into small filaments.

2, fresh squid skin and knife, in boiling water slightly hot, rolled into small volume.taste with grapefruit juice and thai sweet chili sauce.(cut open flower knife is full of the fragrance of grapefruit)

3, fresh prawns go to the skin to leave tail, with wine pepper, salt pickled to go fishy.diced red bell pepper, asparagus to the old skin, cut section, blanch in boiling water.

4, oil in pot, stir-fried ginger and thai sweet chili sauce, add fresh prawns to discoloration, add squid rolls and remaining grapefruit juice, add sugar and salt to taste.

5, finally put in the asparagus section, the grapefruit shredded pork, and the chime to the pan.gold squid ring


the squid ring(or squid, cut into rings), bread flour, bread flour on the market sell has a coarse, also has a fine, which can be sold, coarse blast out will be more crisp), eggs, raw powder or flour,


salt, pepper, cooking wine,


1, we need the materials ready, i was using a ready-made squid ring, buy squid to wash, the tear film, put into the container.if you're buying a squid, then cut it into a circle, and when you pick it, it's best to choose a more symmetrical shape, so that the squid circle will be roughly the same.again to prepare three containers, which in turn into the beaten egg liquid, powder or flour, bread flour, so convenient we the following

2, fried food can match some vegetables to eat together, compare and refreshing, so solution greasy, dishes can choose their favorite vegetable salads, add two small spoonfuls red wine vinegar in salad taste better very appetizing~~ acid or add a few drops of lemon juice is the same~

3, all ready, start production, in the squid, add salt, pepper, cooking wine, slightly salted, and then put before over here we have prepared the three plates, will good pickled squid ring, in turn, wrapped in flour, eggs, bread flour.

4, make all the squid rings in turn, pour oil into the pan, and burn to 60 or 70% heat.the oil must not be too hot, so the squid coil is easy to paste.time also shoulds not be too long, skin are golden is ok~ this will tender, very tasty~ squid in crisp outside this is ready, together with oneself to like dipping sauce and juice to eat~

"fried squid"


the squid, corn starch, egg, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, cooking wine, oil,


1, squid ring thaw.remove the skin and clean it.add salt, pepper and wine for more than 15 minutes.

2, the eggs are scattered, stirring evenly, the flour and bread crumbs are in the container, then roll the squid coil into the powder, then dip the egg liquid in it and roll it in the bran.

3, oil in the pan, burn to 6, 7 to heat, put in the squid ring to turn small and medium heat, fry until golden brown, then remove the kitchen paper, suck out some oil.

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