the benefits of eating fish not only don't stick to the pan but also make the fish more tender and tasty

fish is our favorite and nutritious food.the cooking method is also varied, cooking and braised.

there are a lot of friends like to eat fish, but this kind of practice, the cooking techniques of some higher requirements,

to make your own fish in the home, often, the phenomenon of the glue pot, is there any way to let fish nonstick skillet?

> today i'll teach you to make sure the non-stick pot doesn't break the skin, and it will make the fish more tender and tasty!

before fish pot wash and dry heat, after then put oil, rotating the pan with a little, make the oil pan entirely.

pay attention to the process of fish, must not be high oil temperature, small fire slowly fry!

after put the fish in fish skin turn again when fry until golden brown, try not to go through.the less you flip, the better the effect!

some friends will say, take some flour and fried fish in the first, can be finely.

, this method is not very good, the flour will get black with hot oil, and the fish will have a bad taste in the end.

small make up teach you recruiting the most effective method, a fish, in into the bottom of the oil, add this:salt, immediately will avoid glue pot phenomenon, ensure the works.

and not only will not stick pan, still can let fish more flavor, fresh, ripe faster!

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