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eat meat or drink soup?

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, the geological conditions of our country are very complicated, the terrain is also varied, but generally, the mountains are more than flat.

mountain range includes mountain, plateau and hills, accounting for more than 2/3 of the total area of the country.the country accounts for about 33 percent of the country's mountains, about 10 percent of the hills, about 26 percent of the plateau, about 12 percent of the plains, and about 19 percent of the basin.our country is not only mountainous, but also mountainous, especially the mountains around the qinghai-tibet plateau, many of which are over 6000 meters above sea level.

china has three major plains in the east, only the guanzhong plain in the northwest.the eastern plain is warm and abundant, and the guanzhong plain is cold and dry, so there are laws for local people to live in.for example, sichuan, hunan, hubei, guizhou, the climate is cold and cold, this kind of climate causes sweat to discharge the difficulty, causes the person often to be upset, also prone to the disease of the wind and cold, the spleen and stomach weak.while eating spicy can make a person sweaty, and can drive out the cold clearing damp, nourishing the spleen and stomach, is extremely beneficial to local people's northern shandong, jiangsu, northeast plain and inner mongolia region climate is dry, when most people have central heating in the winter, if is not spicy, will add fuel to the flames, facial rash emerge in endlessly, oral ulcer in delay no more, and become hot temper.

life area is different, and the method of dietary adjustment should be different.mountain area on iodine deficiency, prone to"big neck disease", should be more appropriate containing iodine intake of seafood, also can eat iodized salt, like sichuan hot pot or malatang will often appear in kelp, this is a very clever way;in the dry northwest plain, eat more warm food and eat less pepper.for coastal areas and plain areas, the temperature is higher than the mountains, so eat more vegetables and fruits.

is to respect the local eating habits, from the individual to the environment as a whole to consider the way of eating, rather than blindly pursuing popularity and taste, not to be a cloud, to be able to eat less sick.

, for example, eating meat in the north and drinking soup in the south is a traditional chinese custom.but now, the soup culture in the south guangdong province has become a fashion diet, spreading to the north and south of the river.northerners living in cold regions, from the past to the past, have also learned to drink soup and warm their stomachs before meals.southerners, in particular, have performed the best practices of soup, the kind of ingredients and the time of soup.

, in recent years, there have always been some people who say how good the soup is to the human body, how nourishing it is, there are a lot of great masters talking about it on tv, and even making soup for everyone to taste.

:i am very anxious every time i see this kind of program.cantonese people like to drink soup, have its unique geographical factors, and let the northerners drink like cantonese, which can cause problems.

:why do you want to drink soup?

meat(livestock and fish) plus ingredients are made in a long time, there will be many nutrients in the soup, such as free amino acids, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, salt and trace elements.but from the concentration of nutrients, meat is still more nutritious than's right to eat more meat, but if you ask people:is chicken soup nutritious or is chicken more nutritious?ten to one people would say soup is nutritious.why are the answers reversed?there are three main reasons:

.first, china was very poor in the past, and the family can have a chicken and boil it for a few days.if we eat chicken, we'll have a meal.

second, china's past animal food intake, so that when people particularly weak digestion, occasionally eat meat also can't digest, and so on processing under full time, extend the meat in the pot heating boiling time, in order to reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

third, china used to is given priority to with agriculture, the farmers' fields, sweating more, come back to drink a bowl of soup, just added water, salt, fat, protein and some trace elements, so drink soup.

:chinese people have a special interest in soup, especially in the southern region and some humid and hot western mountains.drinking soup is a good way to keep healthy and is passed down from generation to generation.but the rules of survival for hot areas are not necessarily suited to the cold regions of the north.

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now even the south does not have to drink soup as usual.times have changed, and people have been completely dependent on the external environment.people and nature harmonize well.but now the environment is changing, not the environment, but the small environment.the south is still hot and humid, but the small environment in which people live is not necessarily the case.for example, most of the cars and offices are air-conditioned, and the temperature can stay constant, neither cold nor hot, so people used to have heatstroke and now air conditioning.

is the same principle, if you make people in the south like people in the north who eat meat and drink heavily, there will be many problems, such as fire and is better to eat fish in the south than mutton, and fish and duck is a cold food in the meat, suitable for hot and humid places.the cold weather in the north, especially in the winter, is the ability to keep warm.

so it is necessary to look at the environment when considering whether to eat more food or eat more meat, drink soup or drink is not only the environment, but also the south and the north.also look at small environment and individual difference, long in outdoor still inside, have the heat not, have air conditioning not, be every day drive or accident take a car, the amount of exercise is not short, it's a good way to keep your balance.

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