the lion head meat and aroma of the broth is clear and delicious

so cold day, you want to eat a soup dishes, stewed lion, white color, sweet and not greasy, taste soft, rich nutrition;the soup is clear and clear, the green fragrance is far away, the aftertaste is long.smell, drool;the food, the mouth is fragrant, unforgettable all the is said to be one of zhou enlai's favorite dishes.u.s.president richard nixon and japanese prime minister tanaka tanaka have been full of praise for the dish during a visit to china.the lion head is a traditional dish in huaiyang cuisine in yangzhou, jiangsu province, china.a fire, a stove, a slow cooker.the clear soup slowly flapping the lid of the pot, the aroma gradually came, wrapped in a ball into the tip of the nose.

the ingredients:pork belly, pig bone, water chestnut, chinese cabbage, shanghai green, salt, starch, sugar, cooking wine, pepper

meatballs are generally not all meat, usually add some accessories, such as lotus root, water chestnut, bamboo shoots, in order to not greasy to eat and fresh.put the bones into the pot and simmer for 1.5 hours.slice the meat, then slice it, and cut into small pieces.then chop the knife at random and increase the viscosity of the meat.add salt, sugar, wine and white pepper to the meat and stir until it is sticky.stir in the same direction.add starch and chopped water chestnuts and mix well.the bones fished out half the broth.

, the big cabbage mat in the bottom of the pot, and then take a lump of lion stuffing, break several times between his hands, into a big meatballs, on caibang, then leaves covered on the lion head.

so to force a stewed lion finished, a soup with vegetables and meat, also afraid of eating uncomfortable!in this winter, come a bowl of hot, not to mention beautiful.

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