the eight nutrition champions supplement the nutrition with half the effort!

fresh jujube:vitamin c first

fresh jujube contains abundant vitamin c(each hectogram including 380 mg), can raise the body of excess cholesterol into bile acid.therefore, regular consumption of fresh dates, while supplementing vitamin c, also reduced the risk of gallstones.

, the date can also soften blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and preventing hypertension.

black fungus:iron most

every 100 grams contains 0.185 grams of iron, black fungus is 10 times as much meat.

wood ear also contains protein, calcium, vitamins, crude fiber, etc., the brain is healthy, nourishing and nourishing, nourishing and nourishing, its rich nutrition makes it"the meat of vegetable".

beans:vegetable protein warehouse

around 40 grams per hundred grams of soy protein is contained in, is three times as many eggs, milk, 2 times.young people, children, and older adults who are growing up can promote brain cell development, improve memory, and promote bone health.

, soy protein and bean sterol in soy beans can significantly improve and lower blood fat and cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

fried pumpkin seeds:phospholipids boss

each hectogram fried pumpkin seeds contain 0.67 g of phospholipids, in all foods contain lecithin, is worthy of"phospholipid champions".

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/p/p/p/p/p bbb/p/p/p bbb/p/p/p/psupplementing with phospholipids during pregnancy can boost the fetus's immunity and promote the growth of infants, children's physical and mental capacity.

peanut:vitamin b1 title

every 100 grams of peanuts contain 0.26 grams of vitamin b1, vitamin b1 content in plant foods is highest, often eat peanuts, can promote appetite, help digestion, growth development period of children can promote growth, the elderly can also enhance memory.

chicken liver:vitamin a source

vitamin a, also called beta-carotene, can promote the growth of the body and enhance the can also prevent night blindness, dry eye inflammation, conjunctival sclerosis, dry skin, dysplasia, etc.

:soy products nutrition champion

, the new version of chinese residents' dietary guidelines shows that the protein content of tofu, soybean milk and tofu is 8.1 grams, 1.8 grams and 44.6 grams respectively.the carbohydrates were 4.2 grams, 1.1 grams and 22.3 grams respectively;the water content is 82.8 grams, 96.4 grams and 7.9 grams.:

buckwheat grains, the king of

at present, the world often in"chemical"as food protein nutritional value, chemical score, the higher the more digestible protein, the higher the quality.buckwheat protein has a high nutritional value, and the chemical score of 80 is higher than that of wheat and rice.

in addition, buckwheat is very beneficial to control blood sugar, this is because it contains other grains almost no biological active substance, rutin, with removal of oxygen free radical, maintain the function of vascular resistance.

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