red bean pumpkin cake is soft and sweet, and it is easy to satisfy the nutrition of one family breakfast!

pumpkin nutritional value is very high, the practice is also diverse.

pumpkin pie pumpkin and glutinous rice and noodles, rice noodles in the fusion of the pumpkin and sweet red bean paste inside, tender and delicious, very soft palate, which lead a person to endless aftertastes breakfast nutrition collocation!

[ingredients] pumpkin, rice flour, red bean paste, honey, sugar, white sesame


1] making pumpkin, peeled and cut into small pieces, steam until soft rotten, adding sugar to crush.

2", made the amount of sugar, honey, spare.

3, the pumpkin and rice flour to form a dough, the dough is average divided into 10 equal parts, bunched up into a small ball.

4, the small round billet surface flattening, wrapped in red bean paste, and then pressed into the surface of bean cake, sprinkle a layer of white sesame.

5, dianbingcheng heat, brush a layer of corn oil, bean cake will be well placed, fry until golden color, turn to the other side to continue to fry both sides after frying pan can.

6, sweet and delicious pumpkin pie will do well.


1] tips and self-made red bean paste, add some honey tastes better, ensure the bean moist, bought with similar tastes!

2, pumpkin water content is different, and when the face of the test to join the pumpkin mud, do not join all the time, and to the dough does not stick to hand on it.

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