select eight simple nutrition xiaochao learned to eat for a week is not heavy like worth collecting!

the practice of


quickly dish marinated potato silk picture

marinated potatoes:potatoes 1, 10g oil, 1/3 tsp salt, sugar, vinegar, chili 5g 5g 10,

1, 1/3 teaspoon pepper step potatoes scrape wash and cut into thin slices.

2, slice the potatoes together and cut them into pieces.

3, cut potatoes, rinse with water, remove starch.

4, the potatoes into the boiling water pot boiled hot till.

5, remove and rinse with cold water, and then dry the water after boiling water.

6, clean small bowl into white vinegar, refined salt, white sugar, stir, blending into acid sweet juice.

7, mix the flavored juice in the potato silk.

8, wok into the oil, put pepper particles pepper, small fire fry out spicy, remove pepper.fried chili crushed into a large, mix to the potatoes in.

9, heat the hot oil in the pan again, and mix it in the hot potato silk.the practice of


home dishes super delicious fried carp

fried carp, crucian carp, onions, 350g 10g oil 3 spoon, salt a little


1, clean carp put a little salt for 10 minutes,

2 pot into the amount of oil heat under

3, fried fried crucian carp to both sides can be golden

4, already fried carp can be sprinkled with chopped green onion.

stewed beef with carrots

ingredients:carrot 200 grams, 200 grams of red dates, since the tendon 8 grains, 2 slices ginger, 1500 ml of water, wine, salt a little amount of


1 bovine tendon wash, cut into pieces of spare.

2 wash the carrots and cut them into pieces.3 will be picked up after the bovine tendon with hot standby.4 boiled water, put beef tendons, carrots, red dates and ginger, simmer for 1.5 hours, and then add seasonings seasoning.the practice of


classic sichuan beer duck pictures

lead a person to endless aftertastes beer duck duck:half, 2 bottles of beer, konjac amount, radish, pickled half block 2, bean sauce 1 spoon, 1 tablespoons of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, sugar, a little amount of

1, clove duck boiled water spare

2, cut into small pieces, blanch spare konjac

3 radish, pickled garlic, diced, ready aniseed, pepper

4, duck fried hot oil under

5, then turn into the prepared seasoning, then add a small amount of sugar, bean paste,


7 add soy sauce and wine each a spoonful of

8, stir fry pour the beer, boil, pour spare konjac, stew for 1 hours,

9 sauce dish, delicious beer duck, big power gaocheng!


delicious stewed halibut

3:stewed halibut flatfish, oil amount, the amount of salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce amount amount amount, sugar amount, sweet chili sauce, ginger and garlic, appropriate amount of

1, the skin peeled off the steps, remove the intestines, wash,

2 diced onion ginger garlic oil, ready to put the

3 in the pot, stir fry ginger and garlic, add

4 fish fry on both sides, put wine


6, put soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar

7 put some sweet chili sauce, can not put, put some boiling water, boil after the change in fire

8, finally the sauce and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

acid beans fried beef

practice:1, first the tenderloin cut into pieces, then with cooking wine, egg white, salt, starch grasp uniform marinate it, sour beans, diced pickle.

2, and then hot oil pan, beef slices cooked, remove and drain oil.

3, in the pot hot oil to the fire, the pickled sour beans, stir fry, to smell out, add a little sugar, add slip cooked beef, point soy sauce and stir fry chicken powder evenly on it.the practice of



roberts sweet potato:sweet potato 2, salad oil 300g, sugar 40g

, step

1 sweet potatoes cut hob block

2, temperature 70 degrees left and right fried sweet potato

3 and fried until golden brown remove oil

4, the pot put a little oil into sugar slowly fry the sugar colored

5, add fried sweet potato slowly stir

6, out of the pot.the practice of


letinous edodes quail egg pictures flavor src=spleen


letinous edodes:letinous edodes quail egg tray 15, quail egg 15, 1/2 carrot, oil amount, salt


1, steaming pot, letinous edodes wash to the pedicle, placed dish, sprinkle some salt on letinous edodes.the quail egg into letinous edodes

2, stamped, after boiling for 10 minutes off the fire



5, carrot carrots youguo hot into carrots chopped stir fried, steamed into the letinous edodes juice, salt seasoning and stir fry until done,

6 will be the steamed letinous edodes quail egg tray, put carrots into pieces, really nice.

which dish do you like best?

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