just changing the way you eat doesn't cost a dime a month!

"you can't even control your own weight.how do you control your own life?"in fact, this sentence is a bit excessive, and weight is related to the acquired factors, and also related to the innate constitution.

but a person can control their weight, are usually stronger self-control, they can for their own weight to control your behavior, perhaps you also tried to control your weight, have you ever tried to go on a diet, but can't stay can't you take a few days, began to overeating, unthreatening.

you still tried to exercise for weight loss, running in the morning, get up early and run 3 minutes after insist on not bottom go to, dragging his big frame running pants very much, so you also give up, so tired for better to do a happy fat man.

, actually, that's your method of losing weight.it's not difficult to find a way to lose weight.it's also possible to change your way of eating.

[how to lose weight?]

1, time and quantity

all say:eat well in the morning, eat well at noon, and eat less in the evening.this makes sense, breakfast is to provide a morning energy for the body, and after a night of consumption, the stomach is empty, so can eat a little breakfast, requires a balanced at noon, dinner eat less a bit, because human organs will rest in the evening, eating too much will increase the burden of stomach, and snack just quit!

2, eat speed

don't eat like a horse people to lose weight, eat slowly, because studies have shown that at least 20 minutes to chew, the brain will be full of the feeling, so eat slowly don't eat too much, slowly chewing can fully release dopamine, in food to the brain, then the brain will think we have been"eat", so you don't have to worry about their own excessive intake of food.

3, balanced

referred to lose weight, a lot of people don't eat meat, it is unhealthy, protein and nutrients are fruits and vegetables can't replace, we can according to the food pyramid, eat the grain, grain crops, like corn, oats, beans and so on, just the right amount of meat and protein, but remember to lighter, less salt, less oil.

red bean semen coicis oatmeal:

1) beans, coix seed soaked with water in advance a night

(2) good red bean and coix seed pot boil first

3.after the water boils add oats

4.continue to cook for 1 hour, until the red bean flower, add in rock sugar can

the standard weight in addition to having an enviable graceful figure, can wear s yards of clothes, don't have to worry about average size of pants is too small, also can have a healthy body, a lot of fat is associated with many diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc., so whether to image or health, learn to change our habits, keep a standard weight.

more weight small coup, pay attention to small make up the headline number, or open the taobao, search"@xigong theory of nutritional health concerns can!

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