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preparation for winter, fat chance to counter attack to the

small make up said:winter is coming, everyone put on pants, put on the coat, body fat also have a hiding place, protruding abdomen, brawny arm...all of this heavy clothing is covered up, and the cold winter also always has an appetite to open, unknowingly weight year, when spring flowers bloom, there will be a cry howling, this period small make up will bring the safe mainstream of weight loss method and all sorts of slimming clever tricks.if you say that weight loss is young mm, the small make up to remind you not to listen:after middle age, overweight person is more prone to coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke!so it's not just about beauty.for our health, for the coveted"s code", sisters, learn it!

safe way to slim down!

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cactus extract synergies as"fat"add fire

3 combination to beat a proud flesh

with the scientific method reducing weight to take three aspects:

1, a balanced diet(control calories)

2, increase activity speed(calories)

3, improving fat metabolism, speed up the body fat decomposition)

overall, is considered effective and safe on the following jianghu thin body three recruit:


s role is to help fat metabolism, namely we often say"fat", in the control diet and appropriate exercise at the same time, cooperate with l-carnitine supplements may prevent fat accumulation, greatly improve the efficiency of thin body!it is recommended that you take two carnitine in the morning and noon, and help break down the fat.after 1-2 hours of consumption, the left carnitine begins to function, which is faster and better with aerobic exercise.because each person absorbs function, metabolism is fast and different, the weight loss effect also varies from person to person, according to human body metabolic time 3 months is a period, recommend stick to take.

setp2:tube shut up

no matter adopt what kind of method reducing weight, must cooperate with a balanced diet.if you eat and drink too much, the fat will come and go.


the best fat reducing exercise is aerobic exercise, such as:swimming, running, cycling and so on, the best time should be keep in 30 to 50 minutes.the first one hour before the exercise to eat left carnitine, reduce fat effect is more apparent!

no time to do sports mm, the following simple thin body exercises must learn!

zuoxuan in alkali not diet pills

s is not a diet pills!it was originally a existence in our body, a metabolic substances, is particularly a lack of an enzyme in obese people, and a synthetic drug reducing weight is different, it has no side effects and dangerous ingredients, so the mm can be at ease to eat!

can be added to the baby milk powder

you know?there are now 22 countries and regions in the world that allow the addition of left carnitine in baby formula to prevent carnitine deficiency.the safety of the left carnitine was proved by national security tests.

only reduce fat, no less moisture

the root cause of obesity is the accumulation of fat in the body, you want to lose weight fat burn first, the main physiological function of l-carnitine is to promote fat burning is converted into energy, taking l-carnitine can at the same time of reducing fat, reduce weight, reduce moisture and muscle.

principle of slimming

the metabolism of fat should pass a barrier, barrier is outside the mitochondria, mitochondrial can burn fat, thin.but the big fat cells don't pass the barrier.while l-carnitine in will have the effect of the porters, among the big fat cells outside, bit by bit to the barrier to the mitochondria, let it go to burn fat, weight loss to human body health.

side effects rumours, choose the right products is the key

so-called l-carnitine"side effect", is actually on the market a few illegal businessmen in order to immediate interests, such as illegal"sibutramine"weight loss drug ingredients added to the products and the chemical agents can let a person produce the symptom such as dizziness, nausea, nausea.some merchants have added many herbs to the left carnitine.among them, appetite suppressants cause nausea;cleansing of the drug can cause diarrhea;there are also some exciting drugs that can cause insomnia, because in the whole product, chinese herbal medicine accounts for a large proportion, and the left carnitine is poor, so taking instead of losing weight, it can damage the body.

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