know what is actually inverted cubiform is a kind of thin body of a clear flow

a lot of people don't know, in yoga to lose weight movement will

nearly a third of the movement is upside down, in the form of inverted yoga to lose weight movement while the difficulty is higher, but the effect of it is also very big!consciously do upside down for a short period of time every day, quickly and effectively increasing the flow of blood to the brain and the full nutrition of brain blood vessel, nerve and brain cells, increase vascular compressive property and flexibility, thus to delay and to eliminate body fatigue.therefore, the power and posture of the handstand yoga weight loss is the perfect balance of the model s shape, and its detoxification effect is also the best.

handstand yoga asana, quickly establish core energy, using arm strength to stand, perfect show human body aesthetic power, deserve to go up little brother handsome figure, a word"cool"!

this is not only the power of the handstand, and the legs with the upper lumbar power also dozen to the shape of the hook, deserve to go up next to the black flag, and seemed to be set up in the air.

this is absolutely in acrobatic performance of high altitude hob on difficult movements, upside down, as if out of the gravity, the handstand to do everything in the sky.

this single handstand action, i believe many people have seen in the breaking street dance performance, the single hand supports the body, the rotation, the jump non-stop, always can cause the live audience to scream.

this single handstand is absolutely the most like yoga handstand action, both feet against the inverted hand, another hand held high, extremely strong physical strength and sensitivity coordination, as if to like vent their powerful energy in the world.

is a cool street dance type inverted action, one hand supporting the body straight handstand, another hand hold on tiptoe, no matter in what field, just released this action, immediately become a focus.

appreciate such a cool pose, have a heart?learn to stand tall and stand tall and show your shape.

1.adjust the hand, elbow, shoulder, back, extend back spine, and shoulder are the same as wide, two hand ten fingers open against the ground, hand chelidon, relatively large arm muscles to rotate, expand your shoulder to the side, shoulder and back muscles stretching to the hips, sciatic drive up to the open air, stretching the lumbar spine, two feet flat ground, and waist are the same as wide, thigh muscle outside-in rotation, the calf muscles by rotating outside introversion.

2.keep body and mind, mind and breath harmoniously and harmoniously, until the body is in harmony, stand on your toes and inhale, raise your head, and bend your knees.

3.double foot bullets, the tail vertebrae extending into the sky, buttock muscles extending upwards, and the ischium ascending to the highest point.




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