how fat actually produces minute minutes learns science thin body!

winter time, many friends find that the plan for a long-time weight loss plan is ruined again.a lot of people think that they have eaten enough, and the amount of exercise is also quite a lot, just can not get down.

:to know why, we need to know exactly how the body's fat is produced and how it will be consumed.

knows these things, and the weight loss plan can be twice as effective as reducing your body's structural obesity.

why are our bodies piled up a lot of fat?

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p/p>/p>/p/p/p>/p/peating the same amount of food does have the same energy, but some people have more energy than others, so they consume more energy.

:some people are more energy saving, less energy consumed in their daily activities, and the extra food and energy they eat will eventually be converted to fat.coupled with everyone in the body energy is converted to fat protein level is different, some people eat foods are more likely to turn into fat, some people eat a lot, eventually become fat food.



so we don't eat food containing a large number of oil will not long flesh?

is a myth, but any food that contains energy is more likely to be overweight.whether the fruit, the egg or the meat, the energy is quite a lot.ultimately, the energy that our bodies burn out will eventually turn to fat.

and the oil in the food is what the body needs, if the content is too little, you will feel hungry, and you will eat a lot if you are hungry.but the high-fat food is, of course, not edible, too high in calories and bad for your health.

:you should pay attention to the habit of eating well, and some people start to lose weight by not eating well for many days.though a little thinner, the body is less resistant than before.when you start to fix your meal, the rebound may be even worse.

so how to reduce weight from the perspective of dietary nursing science?

science weight loss is not about skipping food and excessive exercise, it's about knowing how much you're eating just enough to consume the beginning, eat more, gradually reduce gradually.

gradually developed a stable diet, plus simple exercise, which quickly changed a lot.during exercise and normal metabolism, fat begins to break down in the body.stick to weight and body fat to stabilize.

eat foods high in protein and decomposition of protein in the human body needs more energy.eggs and fish are low in fat and high in protein, which boosts your body's metabolism.

protein is good for both the cardiovascular and cerebral cortex, which can make you feel a lot better.a lot of girls worry that the gym will be more muscular, so don't worry, because the girls' muscles won't get very will make your body look good, and your skin will be tight and smooth.

scientific weight loss method you mastered?keep a good life habit and you can let the fat leave me!

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