how can you use a fitness ball to lose weight

weight loss is a topic that many women focus on, mostly.women are unhappy with their existing bodies and want to be fitness has become a part of women's daily life.a fitness ball is a tool for fitness, but many people don't know how to use a fitness ball properly to lose weight.

back side put

exercise place:lumbar lateral

1), sitting on a fitness ball first, and then slowly moving forward, until the ball completely hold on your back, feet apart and shoulder are the same as wide, folded hands, fingers upward.

2), shrink waist, body to the right, and then to the left.swing back to the middle, then slowly move back, resuming the initial position.

1), kneeling on the ball before the ball, hands on the ball.

2), straighten the arm, slowly and smoothly push the ball forward.

3), facing down when the body leans forward, the forearm is placed on the ball.restore the initial position.


2), hip lift off the ground, hold for a while, and swing the hemisphere back and forth.

1), the feet are slightly apart, and you stand on the sphere, with each hand holding dumbbells, and you can put the dumbbell between your knees in the squatting position.

2), balance on the surface of the sphere, slowly straighten your knees.

3), hold your arms straight over your head while standing upright.slowly lower your arm and return to your initial position.

hands pass

exercise place:abdomen, thighs,

1.) lie on your back, the ball will be caught in the leg, between your arms back stretch.

2), tighten the ball with an ankle, bend the knee slightly, and keep the lower part of the back against the ground, and fully use the abdominal muscles while lifting the feet to pass the fitness ball to the hands.

3), grab the ball with both hands, and lie back.use the same method to pass the ball back to your feet and return to your initial position.

:did you learn how to lose weight using fitness ball?easy to learn, in the home also can use, and as long as insist, can have very good weight loss effect.let's try it.

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