don't lose weight when you open your mouth.take this easy and thin out of your legs!


about motion to reduce weight, this may be your look!

this is likely to be around you all the advice!


"heard countless truth in life, or a bad life"

heard countless truth that reduce weight, still can't seem to lose fat!

today-let's solve the problem of"your leg"--

of course also answer you

how faster


it is easier to stick to

are less likely to rebound

more interesting fun way!

picture slightly smaller, can be clicked on

let your movements more efficient per unit time is

<em>the first</em>

control your exercise intensity, not the more tired the better, nor the more sweaty the better, it is your heart rate in(high intensity), such as between 120 and 150, this is the average recommended range









action, find a professional teacher to bring you, don't understand him to correct, but also can help you correct action with professional sports equipment!

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<em>the third</em>

is a form of exercise in the form of aerobic+anaerobic, anaerobic exercise metabolism of the body"glycogen", indirectly metabolizing fat, enhancing muscles and increasing body heat metabolism.aerobic exercise, which directly metabolizes fat, increases unit time movement by three times.

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<em>the fourth</em>

proper motion replenishment(balanced nutrition, nutrition food is not to be discussed in the first place;coffee, sugar water in exercise, rest assured that not long meat at this time, certainly not to say that you can drink freely, help you to better ensure the sports heart rate, the motion state(mood hi, not tired)


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em>the fifth</em>

is more of a"motivation"at this level, and if you have a favorite person to play with, are you more motivated?it's ok to have good gay friends.make it your"happy"thing.

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if we can solve the problem of you first?

"tube shut up how to solve?"


how to do the standard?

what is the anaerobic exercise?

what is aerobic exercise?

how long is the duration of the exercise?

motion frequency?

how do you encourage a gay friend to work out?


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