eat coarse grain everyday to lose weight ok?these two kinds of weight loss effect is great!

many people like to eat coarse food for weight loss or for health care.some people even eat 7 days a week, although the coarse grain is good, if eat everyday, also be harmful.

although there are many benefits of coarse grains, but long-term high-fiber foods can lead to protein supplement blocked, leading to the effect of protein synthesis, especially for women is in puberty, are likely to affect the female hormone synthesis, which affects the development of reproductive organs.

, the benefits of eating whole grains are many, but they are not paranoid.

as a result of the coarse grains taste is not good, if eat grains for a long time, can lead to a desire for rice would be higher, if exposed to more rice, it is easy to eat more than usual, it's like to go on a diet for a long time, suddenly encountered a big meal, the result is not worth the cost.

recommended two daily coarse grains

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should say that corn is people's favorite coarse food, because it tastes sweet and can be made into small snacks such as popcorn.corn is a common coarse grain and is a regular part of the contains a lot of vitamin e and a variety of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.often eat corn can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis, promote the toxins in the body, don't slam the door, the stigma of its nutritional value is extremely high, leaving it to boil tea to drink, can be diuretic eliminate edema.

brown rice

brown rice is referred to as the must-eat food, so it has done a lot of work for the weight loss cause.brown rice can adjust unsaturated fat, quicken the bowel movement speed, the dietary fiber that it contains can promote cholesterol discharge, so have the friend of high blood lipid disease to eat brown rice more addition, brown rice has a strong feeling of satiety, therefore, can help control appetite effectively.

:there are so many whole grains.what's the best way to eat?now, let's solve this problem.

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1, eat coarse grain and drink more water

.usually eat 1 times more cellulose, need to drink 1 times more water.

2, progressive eating of coarse grain

> sudden increase or decrease in the intake of coarse grains can cause intestinal reaction.for people who are usually carnivorous, in order to help intestinal adaptation and increase the intake of coarse grains, it should be gradual and not overhasty.when we make food every day, we should consider the combination of meat and vegetable, and balance the meal, except for the taste.the daily intake of coarse grains should be 30 to 60 grams, but should also be adjusted according to personal circumstances.

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