daily attention to a few small details can be thin without sweat!

many women lose weight first thought is to go on a diet and exercise to lose weight, these two methods have a lot of friends can not adhere to, therefore, the effect is not good, in fact, in daily life, there are some small details can help us lose weight, now with small series with a look.

1.sitting on a chair can also lose weight

modern women's work environment is generally office, 8-10 hours a day sitting at the desk, edema fat will soon find you.

as long as you make good use of time and equipment and sit in a chair, you can also do weight loss exercise.the key is to correct the sitting posture, as far as possible shallow sitting, low back stretched upward, legs bent knees together, do not raise legs.spare parts of each stretch, stretch, can also stimulate muscle relaxation.

2.8 in the evening after eating

although we all know that as soon as possible to eat dinner at 8, especially after 9, this time to eat something, unable to digest food, calories more easily accumulate every night if yes, your body soon cannot hold.

never eats after 9, and dinner ends before 8, which is the basic rule of diet.protein will increase sharply after 8 in the evening.if you don't digest it in time, it will promote the accumulation of body fat, so it is better to finish the dinner before this time.in addition, to hold back chancho, do not eat supper, otherwise it will make the body more easily fat, low the new supersedes the old.

3.drink plenty of water every day, promote detoxification

, more intake of water, can promote the circulation of the body, the toxins after liquid secretion, and then excreted.of course, metabolism is also very important, you also need to activate the metabolic force, so that the efficiency of ascension, and then drainage is smoother, can effectively solve the problem of detoxification and edema.and the calories are zero.it's definitely the best drink you can lose! don't skip breakfast.


eat breakfast, can easily control all day in the diet.if you do not eat breakfast, you will increase the fasting time, then lunch and dinner intake will increase unconsciously.

morning, may feel less hungry, may just wake up not what appetite, body function is not fully awake, but you drink a cup of warm water, start the body function, then stretch the body, then you slowly want to eat what.eat the best in the morning, at night you can reduce the relative amount of appropriate.

5.that don't drink too much wine

excessive alcohol intake can cause a lot of problems, but most are hidden, usually difficult to detect, especially when you lose weight during the drink too much, not only let your appetite, when the body in the exclusion of alcohol this toxin the metabolic process will hinder other substances, make your body more accumulation.so, when drinking drunk should not overdo sth.is no good, oh!

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