women eat more citrus fruits can prevent disease

a large number of citrus is the market season, such as:oranges, oranges, grapefruit, sweet and sour taste, by many women's favorite.eating citrus fruits can not only supplement vitamins, but also have other benefits to the body.let's have a look! women eat more citrus:whitening can be beauty

citrus is rich in vitamin c, can inhibit pigmentation, improve dull skin, prevent freckles and dark spots, make the skin white and translucent.vitamin c content needed by the human body one day, one orange will be able to meet the mm who want whitening, you can eat citrus fruits.women eat citrus:to prevent breast cancer for women, breast cancer is a high incidence of disease.citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, oranges, kumquat, lemon, are rich in vitamin c, to prevent the formation of nitrosamines, suitable for gastric cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer patients.women eat more citrus:anti-ovarian cancer

the study found that eating citrus fruits can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.citrus flavonoids, the highest intake of participants, the risk of ovarian cancer is lower than the minimum intake of those.women eat citrus:to prevent stroke citrus fruits can prevent stroke, citrus fruits often eat women, the risk of ischemic stroke is 19% lower.this may be related to the flavonoids they contain, with 95% of the flavanones coming from citrus fruits.

39 health network reminder:although citrus fruits, but not too much.the flesh contains a lot of sugar and is therefore taboo for diabetics.in addition, citrus juice will stimulate the stomach, stomach discomfort need to eat less.

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