what women eat good to the skin?

a variety of skin care products, cosmetics are the beauty of women's weapons, but in addition to these external methods, what other ways can the skin become better? of course, is through the diet, what is the woman to eat on the skin? let's take a look at xiao bian

what women eat good to the skin? 1, honey

honey is not only rich in glucose and fructose, but also rich in trace elements and vitamins, honey can not only play a very good runchang laxative effect, but also lungs and cough, detoxification effect, can make the skin look more moist, flexible, so when the spring can drink some honey.

what women eat good for the skin? 2,< strong> lemon</strong>                   the role of lemon can drink water, you can also cut into pieces on the face, you can play a whitening effect of the skin oh.

what women eat good for the skin? 3, milk

milk is rich in nutrients, but also can play a beauty effect, often drink milk can play a role in anti-aging, but also can be eliminated small fine lines above the skin, enhance the elasticity of the skin, the spring skin is easy to dry, you can drink some milk, can play a moisturizing effect on the skin, but also to keep the skin supple and lubricated, and the milk is also very delicious, many people like drink.

what women eat good for the skin? 4, carrot#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

carrot contains a variety of vitamins and proteins and carotenoids and other nutrients.carotene is most commonly mentioned by us because of its anti-oxidant effect.carotene can also protect the integrity of the epithelial cell structure and function.carrot can be said to be a help to reduce skin wrinkles and keep the skin delicate and moist food.there are also a lot of women who like to whiten the slices of carrot into slices.

what women eat good for the skin? broccoli broccoli is a vegetable rich in protein, vitamin c and carotene, sugar and other nutrients, broccoli because of its super the content of nutrients is called"vegetable crown."broccoli is a vegetable that enhances the skin's ability to resist damage and maintain skin elasticity.vitamin c, which is rich in broccoli, is the best substance to remove melanin from the skin.

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