when is the best time to drink milk and drink more nutrition?

many people have a healthy habit every day, is a glass of milk a day, most choose to eat milk during breakfast hours.although milk can drink, but at the best time to drink can better promote the absorption of nutrition oh! when is the best time to drink milk?

the best time to drink milk 1 after breakfast, breakfast takes 25% to 30% of the total energy needs of the body throughout the day.milk as a very easy to digest and absorb natural foods, proteins, calcium, vitamins and other nutrients, not only can effectively moisturize just experienced an overnight fasting stomach, but also can provide adequate energy and nutritional needs, full of energy start a day's work.

it should be noted that the breakfast bogey drink milk on an empty stomach.milk is liquid, if fasting drink, will soon be discharged from the stomach, including nutrients such as protein and other nutrients into the intestine without adequate digestion, easily broken down into energy consumption, but also easily exacerbated lactose intolerance symptoms.therefore, breakfast should first eat starchy foods, such as bread, bread, polenta, beans, etc., and then drink about an hour after the milk, will help milk more fully absorbed nutrients.the best time to drink milk 2, 4 o'clock before the afternoon

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at this point people feel tired, sleepy , urgent need to add nutrition.however, most people are unable to enjoy afternoon tea leisurely during their daily study and work.at this time, milk rich in protein, milk fat can help the body quickly replenish nutrition, so full of energy to return to working condition.the best time to drink milk 3, half an hour before going to sleep at half an hour before going to bed at night to drink milk can well promote the absorption of nutrients, which is the last day of gold time, but also to promote sleep oh! milk contains l-tryptophan, which causes fatigue and sleepiness, as well as a trace amount of morphine, which has certain sedative and hypnotic effects.calcium in milk also removes tension.in addition, people fall asleep, the level of calcium in human blood will slowly decrease, and this before drinking milk just to supplement the loss of calcium in the blood, maintaining the blood calcium balance, so drinking milk before going to bed is conducive to calcium absorption.

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