menstrual period suitable for women to eat this food

when women are the weakest physically every few days of the month, if they can adjust their diet properly during menstruation and pay attention to strengthening diet and nutrition, they can supplement the nutrition lost by the body and enhance their immunity.1, menstrual suitable for drinking brown sugar water

drink brown sugar water during menstruation, can effectively excrete blood stasis in the body to help the body detoxification.because brown sugar can blood and blood, accelerate blood circulation, the effect of silt.girls in boiling water at 90 ℃, add brown sugar and mix well to drink.brown sugar is good, but not excessive drinking, menstrual 400ml per day is most suitable.2 menstrual suitable for bananas women in the menstrual period there will be disturbed emotions, irritability, anxiety, may wish to eat bananas, because bananas are rich in vitamin b6, efficacy of vitamin b6, can stabilize women's unease sentiment and improve the female's sleep condition.

3, menstrual suitable for eating fish

female menstrual endocrine hormones changes, there will be depression.women friends in the visit of aunt, proper eating omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, salmon, sardines, etc., can ease the depression during menstruation, but also reduce the incidence of depression.4 menstrual suitable for eating pig liver menstrual period due to the loss of menstrual blood, causing the female body of iron is also lost more, so menstrual easily tonic iron-rich foods.spinach and other vegetables rich in plant iron, but the absorption rate is not high, it is recommended that iron supplementation during menstruation should pay attention to meat and vegetables, eat more high-speed rail animals such as food, such as:liver, lean meat, blood and other foods.6, menstrual suitable for drinking soy milk is rich in plant protein, tonic dryness, regulating endocrine effect, and the effect of soy milk blood is stronger than milk, is suitable for women menstrual period consumption.women drink milk during menstruation can also provide the body with the necessary nutrients, and enhance the body's resistance.

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