do not eat food after abortion

we often say that women abortion after surgery is equivalent to sitting on the moon, to be well with confinement, women abortion should pay special attention to diet, on the one hand should pay attention to nutritional supplements, on the other hand should pay attention to abortion after the food taboo.1.avoid< strong> cooking oil</strong> greasy food

should be appropriate to limit fat intake after abortion, in addition to normal diet, fat-rich food should be forbidden to eat, such as fat, animal fat, otherwise it will cause indigestion. irritating food

after abortion should avoid eating irritating foods, such as ginger, pepper, vinegar, wine, pepper, etc.these foods will stimulate uterine congestion, so that the increase in menstrual flow, so after abortion can not eat.and smoking and drinking is not conducive to the repair of the not eat frozen foods

after the flow of people can not eat frozen food, can not drink cold or cold not eat hot fried foods

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after the abortion can not eat hot oil fried things, such as fried chicken, fried chicken legs, because eating fried food will increase the dry mouth, constipation and other cold food

after abortion should avoid eating cold crabs, snails, mussels and other cold foods, but also should not eat oranges, radish, bitter gourd, hawthorn such as rational gas, blood circulation, cold food, cold food easily lead to blood stasis, bleeding bit by bit.

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