women are best to eat moon cakes before menstruation

mid-autumn approaching, many people have been one after another by friends and relatives or units to send the moon cake.mid-autumn festival is the traditional custom of eating moon cake, but the moon cake is a high-sugar, high-fat food.eating more is not good for health, especially for women.it is best to eat moon cakes in a few special times.pregnant women should eat moon cakes

pregnant women should avoid eating fresh and warm food, in order to avoid wasting fluid and affect the pregnancy, pregnancy resistance should also avoid eating fishy and oily, non-digestible food.

women should eat less moon cakes for mothers, the diet should be full of hunger, eat nutritious, easy to digest food, so pay more attention to eating moon cake.

in addition, foods such as high-salt foods, alcohol and caffeine will increase the premenstrual discomfort.the german association of obstetrics and gynecology recommends that women not only reduce coffee, cola, alcoholic beverages and salt intake during menstruation, but also reduce the intake of fluids in order to relieve the symptoms of menstrual discomfort, as these factors can trigger breast pain occurs.

in the case of

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