what is the effect of a woman eating black food big black food?

black foods are those foods that contain melanin or black words such as black rice, black beans, purple rice, black sesame, black fungus, seaweed, hair vegetables, kelp, mulberry, black grapes, black-bone chicken and so on.although these black foods look bad, but they have many benefits to the female body.so, women eat black food what are the effects?

the role of women eat black food what are the effects of large black food?

what is the role of women eating black food? 1, to improve anemia

"anemia"can be described as a woman's common enemy, while the rich iron content of black foods, women eat more black foods have help to improve anemia symptoms.for example, black rice with"blood rice"is very suitable for consumption by anemic women.apart from improving anemia, black food can also be used to nurture the body, which is very suitable for physically weak people.
2, brain

black foods contain melanin with stability of the brain, improve memory effect.in addition, anthocyanins contained in black foods have antioxidant effects, which can clear excess free radicals in the body and keep the brain functioning normally.3, to improve hair

hair yellow, white hair, hair dryers, who often have hair loss and other hair problems, people may wish to eat more black food , because the ingredients contained in black foods can improve the hair condition, make the hair shiny and shiny.4, kidney qi

most black foods have the effect of kidney qi, and only the kidneys are nourished, will help enhance the body's immune system, anti-aging, relieve hair loss, cold hands and feet, dim face and other symptoms caused by kidney deficiency.anti-aging#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

black food has a strong anti-oxidant effect and can remove excessive free radicals in the body, anti-aging effect is obvious.women eat black food can also play the role of beauty and beauty.6, lipid-lowering eat more black foods can help reduce the body's cholesterol content, balance the level of human blood lipid, prevent cardiovascular disease.

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