eat radish summer eat ginger! eat it this winter

as the saying goes winter eat radish eat is not cold weather, some areas have begun to snow.this season to eat radish most health.we have to say here is"white radish", a small ginseng reputation.white radish high nutritional value, there are good medicinal functions.chinese medicine that radishes have digestion, phlegm dingchuan, heat shun qi, swelling and dispersing silt function.most children have laryngeal sore throat when cold, repeated cough, sputum and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract more crisp and delicious, fresh radish, not only appetizers, aid digestion, but also nourish the throat, phlegm good gas, effectively prevent addition to succulent succulent crisp and tender, beautiful color yan, edible, but also in the banquet modeling exquisite carved sweet, stimulate appetite and beautify life; nutritional ingredients in addition to glucose, sucrose , fructose, pentose pentose, crude fiber, vitamin c, minerals and a small amount of crude protein, but also contains a variety of amino acids.recently, studies have shown that radish fiber lignin contained in a strong anti-cancer effect, raw eaten better.white radish as a share of vegetables, rich in nutrients, rich in b vitamins and minerals, including vitamin c content of pear 10 times.white radish also has antiviral, anti-cancer effect:1, white radish contains crude fiber can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, the so-called shun qi, reducing the time the stool in the intestine to stay in the colon to prevent cancer and rectal cancer.2, white radish in the interferon inducing agent, its double bond ribonucleic acid on the oral enzyme tolerance higher.swallowed easily degraded, no side recent years, some domestic medical scientists found that the white radish contains interferon inducer substance injected into mice and found that the body of malignant tumors reduced by 50%-60%.3, white radish mustard oil and vegetable glycosides, can interact with a variety of enzymes to form a spicy anti-cancer ingredients.therefore, the more white radish spicy, the more ingredients, the better the anti-cancer properties.

eat it in winter, how to eat? 1, radish ribs soup ingredients:radish(fresh white radish selection, careful not to be hollow), ribs(the best choice of stick bone, small ribs stewed out soup is not fresh enough).ingredients:wolfberry, salt, ginger, rice wine, dates, pepper, star anise, but also according to their own preferences with other ingredients.practices:first white radish peeled, and then cross-cut, each about three centimeters thick, not too thin.then cut, was moon-shaped, it looks more beautiful.of course, can also be cut into different shapes according to their own preferences.radish chopped first placed in the plate, do not rush to the pot, wait until the ribs stew cooked into later, because too early radish will be stew rotten, eat less than a little hardness radish so delicious.

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2, turnip tea

phlegm, poor appetite, you can drink radish tea.wash the slices of white radish first boiled, add salt to taste.tea water for 5 minutes, then pour radish juice.drink 2 times a day, there qingre phlegm, qi appetizer effect.

chinese medicine that eat tonic, fasting white radish.white radish will reduce the efficacy of the white radish in winter can not only play a role in digestion.but also prevent the common cold in winter.this winter is close at hand, home turnip white radish bar, healthy and delicious.

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