two garlic garlic daily pressure relief and warm stomach

the most should eat garlic in winter

chinese medicine that garlic sex xin, warm, liver, heart, which contains all the blood vessels of the scavenger called.winter is the season of high incidence of cardiovascular disease, this time whether it is suffering from hypertension, diabetes patients, or the general population, daily consumption of two garlic, have antihypertensive, dilate the role of the blood vessels, chinese science xiyuan hospital heart wang xin, an oncologist at the department of vascular medicine, said that garlic has the power of getting cold and the morning, it cooks garlic porridge and drinks both cold and warm stomach.cold winter in the north, suitable for eating meat to warm the body, if you eat meat with garlic, can solve greasy, aid digestion, but also to enable the absorption of nutrients to achieve a multiplier effect , huazhong university of science and technology affiliated union hospital, department of nutrition wu yan the boiled meat, stewed fish when adding some garlic, but also solution of fishy smell, smell, adjust the taste of dishes.garlic most suitable for raw eating when the temperature is higher than 80 ℃, allicin is easy to decompose, so garlic is best for raw food, and the best pound garlic food", hebei lei min, deputy director of nutrition at the third hospital of medical university, said that from a modern science point of view, when the garlic is cut or squeezed to ruin the cell wall, the garlic in garlic enzyme will be activated, catalytic alliin decomposition produce allicin, and then produce all kinds of spicy flavors of sulfide, and the destruction of the more serious the structure of garlic, the more complete, these spicy flavor compounds produced more sterilization bactericidal effect is better.however, allicin more stable to weak acid, heat, alkali instability.therefore, cooking a little vinegar can increase its stability.but when cooking garlic, it is best to avoid high-temperature heating, add garlic or garlic before the wok, do not wok too early.not all people can accept the strong taste of garlic, dr.wu yan also recommended to everyone to reduce the spicy taste, that is, vinegar garlic garlic.

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make it especially simple, pick fresh and full garlic, remove the skin, and place it in a clean, oil-free glass jar.then pour some vinegar, no garlic.cover sealed, place two weeks, the color slowly turns green, similar to laba garlic, eat directly or as a side dish with porridge eat one or two.or with white vinegar or rice vinegar bubble, plus a little sugar, bubble out of the color is yellow-white, a bit like kimchi, sweet and sour is also should be noted that the eye disease patients, non-bacterial diarrhea patients and hepatitis patients are best not to eat garlic, otherwise it will be affected by the stimulation of the disease.

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