big benefits of eating red beans in winter

as we all know, coarse grains rich in fiber, strong sense of fullness, and helps to relieve constipation, have excellent weight beans are coarse grains, so red beans are no beans in addition to rich in potassium, the saponins contained in the skin also has a strong diuretic effect, can be very good to improve the beriberi and kidney function caused by the decline of the face, feet what are the benefits of eating red beans?

1, spleen and stomach

winter stomach digestion relatively strong ability to absorb better.therefore, those who are physically weaker should tighten their tonic in winter so that they can make good nutritional reserves in the coming year.only in the coming year will they be energetic, energetic and will not get beans, known as"red beans"in traditional chinese medicine, also have significant spleen and stomach effects.

2, hypoglycemic red beans rich in dietary fiber.dietary fiber stay in the abdomen for a long time, slow to convert to glucose.after eating red beans caused by elevated blood sugar is not obvious.therefore, eating red beans have a significant effect of lowering blood sugar.3, dampness heat

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body fluid is not wet with the flow of blood, stagnant in human cells between, rapid expansion.the red beans can make blood circulation, with heat diuretic, dampness detoxification effect.4, yang xin blood

red beans both clear heart fire, but also make up the beans are rich in iron, can qi and blood, very suitable for effort.let your winter hands and feet are not cold.

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