five kinds of food that can prevent stomach cancer

gastric cancer is now a serious disease that workers are easily infected with, mainly due to irregular diet, then how to prevent the occurrence of the disease?

1, garlic

is recognized as anti-cancer food, there is a clear anti-cancer effect.epidemiological survey showed that eating raw garlic crowd, the incidence of gastric cancer is very low, because garlic can significantly reduce the nitrites in the stomach, reducing the possibility of nitrite amine synthesis, which played a preventive effect.2, onion onion can reduce the stomach nitrite content, it is important that the onion contains a quercetin material, a natural anti-cancer substances.studies show that those who regularly eat onions have a 25% lower incidence of gastric cancer than those who ate or not eat onions, and a 30% lower rate of fatal gastric cancer.3, cauliflower contain more trace elements molybdenum, can block the carcinogenic nitrite amine synthesis, can play a role in anti-cancer anti-cancer.a research report pointed out that broccoli also contains an enzyme that can stimulate cell activity called small sulfides, can stop the formation of cancer broccoli to prevent esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, etc.have a role.4, tomato#include virtual="/gy/art_gy/news/art_hzh2.html"

containing lycopene and carotene, they are all antioxidants, especially tomatoes red, can neutralize free radicals in the body, for anti-gastric cancer and digestive cancer benefit, while the prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer are also effective.5, mushrooms

such foods include mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.and fungus.scientists have found that many mushrooms in food contain anti-cancer substances that can prevent cancer.for example, polysaccharides contained in mushrooms, anti-cancer rate is very fungus, white fungus polysaccharides contained in the body is also an effective anti-cancer substances.mushrooms are rich in crude fiber and calcium and other anti-cancer effect, but also improve human immunity.

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